Passing Observations 92

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The absurd new Highway Code (the one that gives cyclists control of the roads) comes out on April 11th 2022. The provisions described in the new Highway Code became law on January 29th 2022. The observant will notice that the content of the new Highway Code became law before the new Highway Code became available. This is obviously deliberate and should help ensure that as many motorists as possible are caught, charged and fined before they’ve had time to become acquainted with the new laws which govern road use.

2. Civil servants who held parties in No 10 during the lockdown are said to be so stressed by the investigations being held that they have been offered mental health support. It is rumoured that they are also being allowed to look at the evidence collected before they make their own statements. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

3. An astonishing 12% of characters on American TV programmes today are LGBT. This is, of course, considerably more than twice the percentage of LGBT individuals living in America.

4. Motorists gullible enough to think of buying an electric car should remember that in an emergency (i.e. if and when the electricity is cut off) it will be possible to boil a kettle in a petrol or diesel powered car – using the cigar lighter attachment. But an electric car will quickly lose its charge and will be useless for kettle boiling. Just another reason to choose a proper car instead one of the destructive, energy sapping electric cars which are powered by burning diesel, gas, coal or wood pellets.

5. I seem to remember that my formal medical education included approximately 0 minutes on immunology and 0 minutes on vaccines and vaccination. I suspect this was true for most doctors – even recently qualified ones. The result is that doctors get their information on vaccines of all kinds from drug companies and governments.

6. Wikipedia apparently describes me as an AIDS `denialist’ (whatever one of those is). I haven’t spoken or written about AIDS since the 1980s. At that time the official establishment line was that everyone in Britain would have AIDS or have a family member with AIDS by the year 2000. I said they were exaggerating. So, who was right? Everything I ever wrote or said about AIDS was scientifically accurate. But Wikipedia doesn’t worry about accuracy. Incidentally, a Wikipedia editor offered to correct and improve my entry if I gave him money. Some encyclopaedia, eh?

7. The UK Government claims that 150,000 lives have been saved by the covid-19 jabs. Sometimes they say 170,000. Sometimes they say more. This is statistical gibberish, of course. I might as well say that those of us opposing the covid jabbing programme have saved 2,500,000 lives. It’s impossible to know how many people haven’t died as a result of anything.

8. The doctors who promoted and gave the covid jabs have betrayed their profession and themselves. And for what? A few quid.

9. Billionaires and big companies are buying up thousands of acres in Scotland to use for carbon credits. They’re letting the land go wild and are banning hunting, shooting and fishing. I’m all for them stopping the hunting, shooting and fishing but the Scots aren’t going be too pleased when they realised how many jobs will be lost as a result of policies espoused by the SNP. And the rich people who enjoyed hunting, shooting and fishing aren’t going to be very thrilled either.

10. It has become fashionable to tell those wishing to lose weight to sleep more. The implication is that this will have a magical metabolic effect that will result in weight loss. The truth is simpler. This dieting technique is as old as the hills. When you’re asleep you can’t eat, so the more time you spend sleeping the less time you can spend eating.

11. My estimate is that we have ten months left to fight the digitalisation of our lives – and the onset of the Great reset. The New World Order is knocking on the door.

12. In the UK everyone needs a friend to protect them from the NHS – which has become a massive killing machine, now definitely doing more harm than good.

13. Readers who followed my oft-repeated advice to watch the film `Wag the Dog’ might like to read `Fog Facts’ by Larry Beinhart, the author of the novel on which the film was (rather loosely) based. It’s a wonderful analysis of how we are lied to and manipulated.

14. MPs in the UK still have masses of relatives on the public payroll. For example, the wife of Tory MP Christopher Chope earns up to £60,000 for secretarial work. (Presumably, £60,000 is usual for secretaries working for MPs.) And the daughter of the Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, earns up to £50,000 as a senior parliamentary assistant. And so on and on and on. It seems that MPs have managed to put the expenses scandal behind them. I wonder how many MPs are having their moats cleaned at taxpayers’ expense.

15. We are heading rapidly towards Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. If you haven’t read it for a while – take a look.

16. Fifty years ago MPs in Britain came to Parliament after having had proper jobs. There were shopkeepers, publishers, businessmen, doctors and lawyers among the new MPs. And MPs often carried on working outside Parliament as much as they could – to keep in touch with reality. Today, most MPs have never done a proper day’s work. They previously worked as `advisors’ or `lobbyists’ or `palm greasers’. And they carry on working as advisors, lobbyists or palm greasers when they’ve been elected.

17. The greens, communists, global warming cultists and far left extremists who are leading us towards `net zero’ want to destroy everything valuable in our society. Many of these groups are encouraged and supported by the conspirators.

18. Women in sport should enjoy the next two or three years. It will not be long before no-one with two X chromosomes will win any sporting event. Male to female transsexuals will soon dominate all women’s sport. I believe that’s part of Agenda 21.

19. `With the science and safety behind the vaccines well-established, it’s hard to imagine why any given person…would want to forgo the protection they offer.’ Someone called Kate Andrews writing in the Daily Telegraph. Oh dear.

20. Scientists have managed to produce enough energy from nuclear fusion to boil about 60 kettles. There is much excitement about this but these scientists have been working on nuclear fusion since 1950. So, it’s taken 72 years to reach a point where they can boil some water. Congratulations. That’ll save us from having to rely on oil, gas and coal. Phew, what a relief that will be to the climate change nutters.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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