Passing Observations 93

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The phrase `conspiracy theorist’ is out of date since there can be no doubt that the world is now controlled by conspirators (or conspiracy practitioners). Those who oppose the conspirators should more accurately be described as `conspiracy opponents’.

2. Yesterday I saw a man in a mask. He was driving a car. And he was alone. The police should arrest such idiots, who are dangerous to themselves and other road users.

3. The MCC seems to me to have been taken over by the insane and the woke (much the same, of course). I get the impression those in control believe that women’s cricket should be taken as seriously as men’s cricket. The woke don’t seem to realise that women’s cricket, like women’s football, will only attract spectators when transsexuals are allowed to play. Actually that won’t be long. There is no room for women playing sport under the rules of Agenda 21.

4. I was excited when I saw a headline that said `BBC Faces Ban’. But I was disappointed to find that it was a suggestion that the BBC might be banned in Russia. What a let-down.

5. I suspect that the only way for a white man to get onto the BBC website these days is to be arrested or accused of some heinous crime.

6. British taxpayers are paying 253.3 million euros to a French covid jab maker after the Government pulled out of a deal to buy 100 million doses of covid-19 jabs that they decided they didn’t want. Why are no politicians or civil servants ever fined or dismissed for wasting huge amounts of taxpayers’ money? They should take the 253.3 million euros out of Doris Johnson’s pay packet.

7. We are all going to die in the end so all that really matters is that we live with dignity and pride and to do the right thing. So I can have no respect at all for those so-called journalists, so-called doctors and so-called advisors who have denied the truth, lied, deceived and manipulated the facts to suit the demands of corrupt governments. All for a little money, a little fame and maybe a ribbon to pin on their jacket.

8. Wikipedia has enormous power to suppress the truth and to destroy lives. Its association with Google (and YouTube) magnifies that power. The executives of these companies make Putin look like a cuddly pussy cat.

9. If you pick up a copy of Schwab’s awful and unreadable book `Shaping the future of the fourth industrial revolution’ and look at the back cover you will see this quote: `The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are extraordinary. Leadership has to be equally extraordinary to manage the complexities of systemic change.’ And who said that? Eric Schmidt, Technical Advisor, Alphabet. (Alphabet is, of course, the utterly corrupt company that owns Google and YouTube.)

10. Schools have been teaching Black Lives Matter style propaganda about `white privilege’. Teachers who do this are encouraging racism.

11. Students in Pennsylvania filmed themselves going through their school library and removing books and throwing them into a dumpster. They called this `decolonising the library’. It’s the sort of thing that was popular in Germany when the little bloke with the moustache was in charge. (Not Chaplin, the other one.)

12. The civil service in Britain is criminally woke and the majority of quangos are stuffed full with mad, left-wing extremists dedicated to the destruction of everything of value in society. The country could function much more efficiently if 90% of all civil servants were fired and all quangos were dissolved overnight.

13. `Life would be very good without Facebook,’ said the French finance minister after that wretched company threatened to pull out of Europe. Let’s hope we can all soon say `good riddance’ to the obnoxious Zuckerberg and his nasty little friend Nick Clegg.

14. Those in charge of the Great reset want to split families and break up relationships. The covid jabs have helped them do just that – with many families disagreeing about the danger of these pointless drugs. I doubt if those rifts will ever heal.

15. Motorsport UK has banned Russian racing drivers from competing in Britain. It didn’t really matter much because the Formula One team which employed a Russian driver has fired him. Why the devil aren’t other racing drivers complaining? Motorsport is surely a morally bankrupt sport. These people happily allow racing in Saudi Arabia and China but they won’t allow a Russian driver to compete in Britain. Not racing in Saudi Arabia or China would cost them all huge amounts of money and would be an expensive moral position to take – so they close their eyes and ears, mutter a little, but carry on compromising. Banning one or two Russian drivers costs nothing and provides cheap headlines. Shame on all the virtue signallers.

16. I wonder how many of the lawyers representing doctors trying to protect their licences have done so pro bono and how many have charged fat fees? My guess is that rather more doctors and nurses than lawyers have spoken out about the conspirators without expecting to be paid for their efforts. And yet lawyers are always so damned eager to go into politics. Power and money. Money and power.

17. When people in their teens and early twenties were asked what jobs they wanted they said: Internet influencer, YouTube star, Reality TV star and model – in that order. None of them wanted to be train drivers, astronauts or even dentists.

18. The fact that Queen Elizabeth gave Klaus Schwab a knighthood tells us all we need to know about Elizabeth and the wretched royal family.

19. When artist Andy Warhol was shot, and thought to be dying, he was put into an ambulance with a friend who had also been shot. As they were about to drive off to the hospital the ambulance driver turned to Warhol's friend and said: `If we sound the siren, it'll cost five dollars extra'.

20. Authors are now required to announce whether or not their books might upset children. The problem is that I cannot think of a single decent book that would not upset the extra sensitive, woke, cancel culture lunatics our schools are churning out.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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