Passing Observations 95

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. It is now being said that alopecia is a side effect of covid-19. Well, what a coincidence that is because alopecia is a known side effect of the covid-19 poisonous, toxic, experimental, useless jab. The authorities (by which I largely mean the medical profession) will do everything they can to hide the fact that they have been jabbing poison into millions of their unwitting, trusting patients.

2. After World War II, the US Treasury Secretary wanted to close the Bank for International Settlements (the BIS) because it had acted as agent for the Nazis in World War II (see my book `The Shocking History of the EU’ for more details). The appalling BIS was saved by John Maynard Keynes whose memory is thereby tarnished. The BIS is playing an important role in the global conspiracy.

3. Doctors claim that they aren’t responsible for the damage done by the covid-19 jabs which they were paid to give. They’re wrong. It has long been established that saying `I just did what I was told to do,’ is no defence.

4. In the UK, 100,000 people each year die of drug side effects. That’s in a normal year. It’s one of the main reasons why I concluded, many years ago, that doctors are now one of the top three causes of death – along with circulatory disease and cancer.

5. Opticians claim that they are involved in health care and so must demand that customers wear masks and all the rest of it. What absolute bollocks. `It is,’ said a receptionist in an optician’s, `because of the close contact between customer and staff.’ `And what about hairdressers and nail parlours?’ I asked. She looked confused and went back to painting her nails in an unpleasant shade of green. It was the same shade of green as the mask she was wearing.

6. I’m not allowed to say this, and you’re not allowed to read it, but I believe that, unless we stop their campaigns, Greta and the rest of the global warming and net zero enthusiasts will, in time, do more harm, and kill more people than Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and the rest of history’s mass market murderers. Think about it and you’ll realise I’m right.

7. The British Retail Consortium says that its members (shop keepers) are in no rush to remove safety measures, including masks, protective screens and hand sanitiser. It is sad that they do not yet realise that the masks and the hand sanitiser will make their staff and their customers ill. I don’t think the protective screens are dangerous unless they fall down and flatten someone.

8. More money is spent on health care in Wales than anywhere else in the UK. But patients in Wales must wait twice as long for treatment as patients in England. The Welsh have mismanaged the NHS with extraordinary disregard for patients. I had to visit a patient in a Welsh hospital a year or so ago and it was, I honestly believe, the worst hospital I’ve ever seen in my life. It was uninviting, gloomy, uninspiring and a prime target for demolition if ever I saw one. I suspect that patients were probably better served in what passed for hospitals in the Middle Ages.

9. Here’s a question you never expected to see: `Which of the two has done most genuine, lasting harm to the British people – Putin or the BBC?’ Easy to answer – and here’s a clue: it doesn’t begin with P.

10. In the UK, the planned renovation of Parliament will cost £22 billion and take 76 years (yes, you read that right). Where’s Guy Fawkes when we need him?

11. Major UK investment companies such as Aviva and Legal and General have promised to sell hundreds of millions of pounds worth of Russian holdings as soon as possible. The boss of Aviva, for example, says they’ll sell £240 million worth of Russian holdings. None of the bosses have asked their customers whether it’s what they want them to do. The resulting financial losses could be significant. And what about selling all their Chinese shares? Or all their investments in Arab countries?

12. The publisher of the Daily Mail claims that Google’s search results overwhelmingly favour the BBC and The Guardian. Of course they do! If the staff of the Daily Mail have only just noticed this then they are even more stupid than I thought they were.

13. Drivers on the London Underground went on strike recently. Again. Apparently drivers on the day shift refuse to work four night shifts per year to keep the night time trains running. The drivers are complaining about their work-life balance. Oh, please. Just fire them all and hire new ones.

14. A high percentage of elderly Parisians seem to be afflicted with dowager's humps. I suspect that this may be a result of years spent shuffling along the pavements of Paris, ever watchful for the next steaming ex-canine hazard.

15. BT customers whose landlines are switched to a digital connection will not be able to make phone calls when the electricity goes off. Another piece of reverse progress – just in time for massive, frequent power cuts.

16. It is surely not true that Boris Johnson arranged for Putin to invade Ukraine to distract attention from partygate.

17. Where we live there are fun runs and organised walks at least once every twenty minutes. That’s fine (though I wish the runners and walkers would take their rubbish home with them instead of throwing it into our garden) but why do the organisers so often paint huge directional arrows on the road in white paint that takes months to disappear? We regularly reach the point whereby conflicting arrows fight for space and runners and walkers must be very confused.

18. The media in general, and the BBC in particular, have been carefully hiring stupid, unimaginative and easily manipulated lefties to promote a series of frauds. The result is that there isn’t a mainstream journalist in the UK with an IQ higher the temperature in winter.

19. Have you tried taking your own money out of the bank recently? I don’t mean just from a hole in the wall, but by talking to a cashier. Bank robbers would have less trouble getting hold of your money than you will.

20. Carl Icahn, an 86-year-old American investor and corporate raider who is worth $16.6 billion, has set his sights on McDonald’s. He wants big changes. Why? Because he doesn’t like the way that McDonald’s suppliers treat their pigs. McDonald’s are taking Icahn seriously. Company bosses have for years feared the day that Icahn takes an interest in their company. He inspired the Gordon Gekko quote `If you want a friend, get a dog’ from the film Wall Street. Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022 Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Memories 1’ is the first volume of his autobiography. It’s unusual in that it consists of a mixture of reflections, experiences, confessions, regrets and observations – rather than the usual `and then I had lunch with…’ sort of autobiography. `Memories 1’ is available as an eBook, a paperback and a hardback.