Passing Observations 97

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The royal family receives £86 million of taxpayersí money. How much of that will be used to pay Andrewís £12 million bill? Itís our damned money, we should be told how much is being used to bail out yet another useless member of the royal family.

2. An astonishing 675 NHS officials earn over £150,000 a year. The whole lot could be fired without any patients noticing.

3. With inflation now racing past 7% and interest rates at less than 1%, savers are now receiving minus 6% a year on their hard earned money. This is all part of Schwabís plan to impoverish everyone who isnít a crooked billionaire.

4. Water bills could soon triple. Compulsory meters will soon be introduced in some areas. With rising taxes, rising fuel prices and rising food prices the rise in water bills will doubtless be welcomed everywhere.

5. Some NHS hospitals are still refusing to allow relatives to visit sick or dying patients. The NHS is clearly using a playbook written by the people who ran Dachau.

6. One of the reasons why Mrs Melinda Gates divorced Bill Gates was apparently his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Itís a good job that the BBC doesnít mind associating with friends of Epstein. The BBC, of course, has a financial relationship with Gates. And so does The Guardian. Those who give money to the BBC or The Guardian must also be considered associates of Epstein the sex offender.

7. Madge Hancock reportedly says that he got most things right when he was Minister of Covid. Perhaps Madge would like to give details of just one thing they got right.

8. Itís too easy to laugh at the greens and climate change cultists. But they are the true enemies of freedom and democracy.

9. When I was young and poorer than I am now I bought a desk from a company which sold its furniture in bits Ė like a Meccano set. They sold me a box of stuff and after just two days hard work I produced a dog kennel on stilts but with no roof. I took it apart, started again and made a small bookcase that wouldnít stand up. The only good thing was that I had tons of bits left over. Today, I took delivery of two new electric heaters. (Our Victorian cast iron radiators are leaking and weíve had to turn off the central heating.) Both new heaters came in boxes of bits. So Iíve progressed: Ií m now making electrical equipment myself.

10. If youíve ever doubted the existence of fibromyalgia, doubt no more. Iíve got it and itís no damned fun at all.

11. Staff shortages in the UK are now endemic. A friend tells me that a medium sized English town had no pharmacist available recently. All the pharmacists were either sick or had tested positive for covid.

12. The mainstream media (universally communistic in leanings) now define a right winger as anyone who thinks rationally and doesnít believe in United Nations style statism.

13. My estimate is that Nurse John Campbell, the YouTuber who promoted the covid jabs with great enthusiasm could have been making around $8,000 a day during the covid fraud. It could be more and it could be less Ė but itís a tidy sum.

14. Sanctions introduced to punish Russia pushed up the price of oil and gas. In order to avoid the high prices, China is using far more coal. Climate change cultists and net zero loonies who welcomed the sanctions against Russia might like to reflect on this.

15. The Government in the UK needs to replace car and fuel taxes. As repeatedly warned here they will introduce a journey tax. Cars will be fitted with black boxes and sensors will track every journey so that drivers can be charged. This means, of course, that the Government will know where you are, how you got there and how fast you travelled. All part of the Great Reset and New World Order.

16. A squirrel in our garden was desperate to play. The other squirrels didnít want to play. So the squirrel played happily with some baby rabbits. Thereís a pretty obvious lesson there for mankind.

17. Stephen Schwarzman, the head of a private equity company called Blackstone took home $1.1 billion in 2021. That was his pay cheque. The word obscene leaps to mind and wonít go away.

18. The BBC is building a new set for Eastenders, a soap opera. The project is running four years late and has so far cost £87 million. It is £27 million over budget so far. I wonder if there are any licence fee payers who think itís a worthwhile expenditure. (I am pleased to say that I donít pay the BBC licence fee. I hope readers donít pay it either.)

19. The UK Government is committed to spending £624 million on tree planting and peat restoration. I know one council which has just cut down some trees so that it can plant some new ones. The older trees were, of course, much better for the planet.

20. The boss of AstraZeneca (a covid jab maker) was paid £14 million in 2021 and £15.9 million in 2020.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

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