The Lies, Deceits and Hypocrisy of Climate Change

Dr Vernon Coleman

The covid-19 fraud is, as planned, now segueing neatly into the global warming fraud, though the changes taking place in the name of this fraud are hiding behind what we are assured is the greatest war since World War II. (Hysteria, exaggeration and hype are the daily bread of politicians and journalists these days)

The absurd, indefensibly unscientific rules and restrictions introduced in the name of a fairly average but strongly marketed version of the flu will now be matched with new rules and regulations brought in to protect us from the entirely non-existent threat of global warming.

Pensioners, investors and company employees now have to worry about something called ‘ecoside’ which a panel of lawyers describes as ‘unlawful or wanton acts committed in the knowledge that there is a high chance they could cause severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment’. The mad Pope and barmy Macron want ecoside to be a crime alongside war crimes and genocide. This new lunacy will push many businesses into bankruptcy. Anyone with a private pension will see its value plummet.

Pension funds are terrified of upsetting the mad cultists and so they suck up to companies which promise to protect the planet. The result is deteriorating pensions. Supermarkets and restaurants are predicting permanent shortages caused by mad rules and regulations designed to thwart non-existent global warming. Energy suppliers are going bust, fertiliser plants had to close and the changeover to E10 ‘green’ petrol caused the fuel shortage. Motorists using the new green petrol, which contains biofuel, will be helping kill poor people by starvation. Oil companies are unable to raise cash to explore for oil and gas so we’re rapidly running out of the stuff. Without oil and gas there will be no heat, no transport, no machinery and very little food for those of us who aren’t billionaires.

Unbelievably, and unforgivably, doctors writing in the British Medical Journal have called for the medical profession to do less investigations (X-rays and blood tests) of patients and to cut back on prescribing treatment ‘to help combat climate change’.

‘The climate emergency is the true health crisis of our time,’ said a spokesperson for the medical establishment who (and I say this with all due respect) seems to me to have had their brain removed and replaced with that of 12-year-old.

The plain truth is that I know of not one jot of scientific evidence for the myth of climate change. Those who talk about flooding and disappearing cities are hysterical and deluded. Powerful, irresponsible media forces such as the BBC suppress debate about the climate in just the same way that they’ve suppressed debate about covid. The hysteria is so acute that brain-dead protestors happily stop ambulances – even if people die. (I wonder if those protestors would complain if they were run over by a 12 wheeler?)

The aim, make no mistake, is to bankrupt you, wreck every aspect of your life and then to kill you. It is entirely the fault of the global warming cultists that energy and food prices are rising. Household energy prices will rise by at least 30% next year. As with covid-19, everything that is happening is happening on purpose. Nothing is by accident or incompetence.

The evil forces behind the myth are responsible for the fuel shortages, the higher gas and electricity prices which will result in millions having to choose between eating and keeping warm, higher fuel prices, the food shortages, the coming inflation, the interest rate rises which will bankrupt many home owners and small businesses. In China the authorities are rationing electricity. Smart meters will make that easy to manage here. (If you were conned into having one – make them take it out!)

Governments everywhere have an encyclopaedia of excuses for the chaos that will engulf us this winter but there’s really one cause: the madness of the greens, the pseudo-environmentalists and the climate change cultists.

The truth is that the global warming fraud is the most immoral confidence trick in history. And the damage these lunatics are doing is terrifying.

Unbelievably, for example, the BMJ, has published suggestion that doctors should put global warming concerns above patients – cutting back on trying to diagnose cancer early in order to save Big Ben from disappearing under 100 foot waves a week on Wednesday. This seems to me to be childish pseudoscientific gibberish but it is also terrifyingly wicked.

The climate nutters claim they represent the majority. But the reality is that they represent a tiny group of obsessed and noisy cultists who have been fired into action and supported by the globalists. The cultists are as mad as hatters and their insanity justifies them being diagnosed as mentally ill. If the people at large knew the background, the purpose, the science and the consequences there wouldn’t be enough supporters to fill a railway carriage.

Cultists claim that over 40% of our electricity is made from renewables but that’s nonsense. Most of the electricity in that 40% is produced by burning biomass. And what is biomass? It’s a fashionable word for bits of tree.

Trees in America are cut down with petrol powered saws, turned into chips or pellets by fossil fuel powered machinery, transported to diesel powered ships and then brought across the Atlantic, carried in diesel powered lorries to be burnt in power stations. Much diesel is required for their transportation. The bottom line is that biomass is less environmentally friendly than coal.

The mad cultists claim respect for trees. They claim that trees are essential for the planet’s health. But they chop them down and burn them to make electricity. They chop down town and city centre trees so that they don’t interfere with the 5G reception that no one wants and many people fear.

The biomass lunacy is as daft as the craze for biofuels. Here the idea is that we grow our fuel. Sounds good until you realise that the stuff being used to make biofuel is the same stuff people eat. The more biofuel we use the more starving people there will be. Millions of children in Africa will die so that middle class Guardian reading loonies can power their car with food.

It is traditionally impossible to make steel without coal. But according to The Guardian (the house journal of woke greens and hysterical exhibitionists and vax-mad nutters) there are plans afoot to manufacture steel without using coal.

So how can this be done?

Apparently the new green steel will be made using hydrogen as a fuel instead of coal.

And where does the hydrogen come from?

Well, since pure hydrogen is hard to come by it has to be produced by the electrolysis of water (which consumes a great deal of energy) or from fossil fuels.

The bottom line is that 95% of the hydrogen we use is made with the fossil fuels.

So, that’s how they’re going to make green steel without burning fossil fuels.

They’re going to make hydrogen by burning fossil fuels and then using the hydrogen to make the steel. Aha! Another brilliant scam.

Wind and solar farms are a joke. On still days (more common than you’d think) the windmills have to be kept turning with electricity from the grid. If they aren’t kept turning they seize up. The electricity to keep the windmills turning is obtained from burning fossil fuels. The building and installation of windmills requires so much energy that they are of negative value – in other words they never produce as much power as was employed in their manufacture. Solar farms are similarly pointless. There is rarely enough sunshine in the UK to keep them working and they too require more energy than they produce.

Then there is ‘rewilding’ – this year’s hot word that has replaced ‘sustainability’ in the cultist’s dictionary. The idea is that you leave land alone, and allow nature to take over. The greens think that if you do we’ll end up with loads of flower meadows. But if you let land go back to nature you end up with endless, unusable acres of impenetrable nettles hogweed, Japanese knotweed and brambles. The cultists are too daft to realise this plays straight into the hands of the billionaires making lab food to replace the healthy natural stuff farmers used to grow.

Everywhere you look in the world of global warming you’ll find greed, deceit, lies and hypocrisy. The BBC promotes global warming and will accept no discussion.

Carbon credits and emission allowances are a scam – part of the digital passport future they’ve got planned for us. Land owning billionaires get richer with them, the rest of us get poorer and the environment benefits not one jot.

And then there is the hypocrisy. You have never seen such hypocrisy as pervades the world of the global warming cultists.

California, home of the all-American woke, is building five new gas fired power stations.US wants OPEC to keep oil prices low so that motorists can keep motoring. China is building 43 new coal fired power stations despite the fact that the price of coal is soaring because no one dares dig it up.

Greenpeace campaigns to have the world’s oil left in the ground. But a Greenpeace senior executive commuted by plane for two years – flying regularly from Luxembourg to Amsterdam. Greenpeace argued it was acceptable for the employee to fly so much so that `he could balance his job with the needs of his family’.

When Greta Thunberg went to America (to campaign against the use of oil, among other things) she travelled on a £4 million boat equipped with two diesel engines for emergencies and a diesel fuel tank carrying 672 litres of diesel. When she was ready to return to Europe, members of the crew had to fly out to America to bring her back. She would have used less oil if she had simply climbed aboard a commercial aeroplane and flown across the Atlantic. That’s hypocrisy of which Prince Charles and Harry could be proud.

The head of a protest group campaigning for more home insulation admitted that he doesn’t insulate in his own home and has been accused of caring only about causing disruption and trying to become famous.

An Extinction Rebellion activist indulged himself in two globe-trotting holidays across Canada and Europe – travelling around 10,000 miles.

The tragedy is that nine in ten people still have absolutely no idea what is planned for them. They believed that covid-19 was a real pandemic and there is a risk that they’ll believe that global warming is a real threat.

Most don’t realise that the global warming scam is going to lead their children into a world that bears more and more resemblance to Orwell’s 1984 or McGoohan’s The Prisoner than to the world of 2019 – a world we will now never visit again.

We have to make sure people know that the global warming cultists are part of the fascist/communist takeover planned to serve up the Great Reset. The nutty fanatics are too stupid to realise it but they’re working for Gates, Schwab, Blair and the Rothschilds. They’re leading us into a world of digital passports, a cashless society, mandatory jabs and social credits. They are leading us into slavery.

However hard we fight we will never get the old normal back .

The evil ones have all the power, all our money, the guns and the media on their side.

The best we can hope for is to delay, to chip away and to make our ghetto as comfortable as we can.

We need to concentrate our efforts on drawing attention to the lunacies of the global warming cultists.

Some are evil, some are mentally ill and some are merely moronic.

All global warming enthusiasts are a danger to you and your family’s health and future and a danger to mankind as a whole.

It isn’t global warming that threatens our future – it’s the hysterical morons lying, deceiving and promoting pseudoscientific nonsense who are the real danger.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2022

Vernon Coleman’s book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change: the End of Oil’ is available as a paperback and an eBook.