Vaccines: A Conspiracy of Silence

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A week or so ago the British Government launched an enthusiastic attack on those of us who question the value and safety of vaccination.

The message seemed to be clear: ‘people who oppose vaccination are dangerous idiots who must be ignored and suppressed for they are dangerous’.

Naturally, the media obliged with numerous articles following the official line. The media is in thrall to the medical conspiracy which thinks that vaccines are the answer to every disease. As so often happens, journalists ignore the facts and prefer to stick with the myths.

I wrote two letters for publication: one I sent to the Daily Telegraph and the other to The Spectator.

To the editor of the Daily Telegraph I wrote:

‘Patients are right to be worried about vaccines. The evidence available suggests that vaccines are neither reliably safe nor effective. There is a solid argument that although profitable for drug companies and doctors, they do more harm than good. I challenge the Chief Executive of NHS England to a public debate on vaccination. He can bring as many experts as he likes. I will come alone. He won’t accept the challenge. And that refusal to debate the science is why people don’t trust what they are told.’

I was not surprised when the editor did not print my letter.

To the editor of The Spectator I wrote:

‘There are many fake health stories around and vaccination is one of them. But Matt Ridley has got it the wrong way round. The myth about vaccination is that it works and is safe. The scientific evidence proves it is neither – though it is a very profitable scam for drug companies and GPs. In the past I used to debate the issue in public with vaccine supporters. But they always lost the debates and so these days they won’t debate. If vaccine supporters really believe that vaccines are safe and effective they should be willing to debate instead of trying to silence the doubters by simply saying ‘we are right and you are wrong so that’s that’. I bet you won’t even print this letter.’

I was not surprised when the editor did not print that letter either.

There is a massive conspiracy of silence about vaccination.

The drug company spin doctors have convinced civil servants and journalists that vaccination is wonderful and essential and that anyone who dares to question vaccination programmes must be a dangerous lunatic and must be suppressed.

But if I am such a lunatic why won’t the self-appointed experts debate with me? If I am so wrong surely they could destroy me in a public debate?

Or could they be frightened that I might turn out to have the better facts – and the more convincing arguments?

I know what I think. You, dear reader, must make up your own mind.

If you want more background evidence before making a decision about vaccination then I respectfully suggest that you take a look at my book Vaccines are Dangerous and Don’t Work. It is available (cheaply) on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback.

Meanwhile, the next time a doctor wants to vaccinate you or a relative ask him or her this simple question: ‘Will you guarantee that the vaccination is safe and effective and will you take responsibility if things go wrong?’

Ask for the assurance in writing.

I will be very surprised if you get it.

I have said before that my own opinion is that those who insist on recommending mass vaccinations for all babies should be arrested for child abuse. I still believe that.

In my view it is those who are demanding compulsory vaccination who are the dangerous lunatics.

You should make up your mind about vaccination. But before you do so might I suggest that you look at the independent facts?

Maybe you’ll decide that I am the madman who needs to be silenced.

But if you look at the evidence you will, unlike journalists, be able to make up your own mind.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019