The Shocking Story of the Trans Pacific Partnership

Dr Vernon Coleman

In 2005, New Zealand, Chile, Brunei and Singapore created the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The partnership was a mutual trade agreement.

In 2008, the United States decided to take over the TPP and the Obama administration sponsored lobbyists to transform the TPP into an agreement designed to block the public regulation of health, the environment, or other public interest problems that might interfere with corporate profits – namely American corporate profits. Obama protected the big international companies and the bankers and punished the people who had been foolish enough to vote for him.

Obama’s bailouts made the crooks ever richer and impoverished still further the poor and the middle classes. The destruction of the middle classes and the poor is a deliberate neoliberal policy, in the same way that the destruction of Third World economies is a deliberate policy.

The American version of the TPP gave power to a new court (an Investor State Dispute Settlement court) which could stop governments from suing companies and investors who had caused damage. Worse still, ISDS tribunals could order governments to pay fines to foreign companies which felt that public regulations had impaired their profits. The tribunals could order a government to pay a company any amount it liked, without limit. And so the new court made it possible for bankers and companies to do what they liked to a country without any penalty. And if a bank or company felt that a country’s labour or safety regulations might damage its profits, it could sue the Government for loss of profits.

So, for example, when an Ecuadorian court ordered the oil firm Chevron to pay $9.5 billion in damages for causing pollution, an ISDS tribunal in The Hague overruled the Ecuadorian Supreme Court. To make matters worse the ISDS fined Ecuador $1.8 billion, plus interest, for cancelling a joint exploration venture with the oil giant Occidental.

Small countries are regularly ruined by these lawsuits which often involve small sums of money for the globalists but huge sums of money for the countries involved.

The US Chief Justice, John Roberts has said that ISDS has the power to review any nation’s laws and annul the actions of that country’s legislature, executive and judiciary.

The ISDS tribunals (which make the judgements) consist of three private sector lawyers who may also be the lawyers acting for the companies which have brought the legal action. So the three lawyers bring a lawsuit and then decide who wins. And then they decide how much money the country should pay, in dollars, for daring to violate American corporate rights.

It is, by any definition, nothing more than a racket and just as bad, if not worse, than anything conceived by the Cosa Nostra.

Bankers and companies can even sue for what they claim are potential future profits.

All this sounds like something out of a bizarre piece of fiction. But it isn’t. It’s all true.

Oh, and one other thing: all this pro-American legislation (much of it dealt with in secret) means that consumers have absolutely no way of knowing whether the food which they eat has been genetically modified, grown with hormones, treated with chemicals or anything else.

The conspirators behind all this can do what they damned well like. And no one can stop them.

And it is worth remembering that these laws were introduced by the Obama Administration which was ruthlessly pro-corporate. And nothing has changed. In 2021, President-elect Joe Biden wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine that his incoming ‘foreign policy agenda will place the United States at the head of the table’.

Thanks to the neoliberals all international law is now drawn up by corporate lobbyists employed by the conspirators working towards the Great Reset.

(This extract is taken from `Their Terrifying Plan’ by Vernon Coleman – now available as a paperback. `The Terrifying Plan is very, very scary and packed with facts. Thank you to everyone who has already bought a copy. Every penny I earn in royalties will be used to buy books to distribute to journalists and politicians.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2023