BBC Verify Team – Frightened of the Truth?

Dr Vernon Coleman

I challenged the BBC Verify Team (all of them) to a live television debate about covid.

Naturally, the silence has been predictably deafening.

I don’t think their refusal to accept the challenge is simple cowardice – I think they’re just very well aware that they would lose the debate and look like the ignorant and dangerous fools they are.

But, to me, they look like cowards.

It’s important to keep letting the world know that the BBC (the world’s most prolific source of misinformation and disinformation) is afraid to debate the facts.

My original article (on this website) was titled: `Vernon Coleman Challenges Entire BBC Verify Team’.

Please send the article to as many journalists as you can find. And send it to everyone at the BBC.

The very fact that the BBC refuses to debate is ample evidence that they know they’re wrong and we’re right.

Remember: the BBC has broadcast lies to children and to parents about the covid `vaccine’. And they have boasted that they do not allow those questioning vaccine efficacy or safety to appear on its programmes `whether they’re right or wrong’. (Do please watch my video entitled `Lies on the BBC will result in children dying’ which was first broadcast on 9th June 2021. You can find it on or on my channel on Brandnewtube. Ask your friends to watch it too.)

Oh, and don’t pay the BBC Licence Fee. Don’t break the law, of course. But don’t give money to the BBC. It’s a bad, bad organisation staffed by bad, bad people. I am delighted to report that together we are rapidly and systematically destroying what we know now to be a corrupt State propaganda machine – a machine packed with stooges who are deliberately suppressing the truth and spreading misinformation.

For the truths about general vaccination programmes (facts that the BBC won’t tell you) read `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof’. And for the truth about how the fake covid pandemic began read `Coming Apocalypse’ which I wrote and published over three years ago – in April 2020. Both books are available on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023