An Embarrassment of Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. It is being claimed that children may die if families turn off their central heating this winter. But they will, if anything, be much healthier. Central heating was as rare as honest politicians when I was a kid and we were much healthier than today’s wheezy, delicate wimps. Central heating is doubtless one of the factors responsible for the permanent epidemic of respiratory disorders and sinus problems.

2. There will be much flooding this winter. Pictures of householders staring disconsolately at their flooded kitchens will be blamed on global warming. No one will dare blame the fact that much housing is now built on flood plains and that rivers have been deliberately allowed to silt up. The flooding will not, of course, help the continuing water shortage. No one in the mainstream media will dare point out that the population has been rising rapidly for years but that England hasn’t built a new large reservoir since 1981. Plans to pipe water from the north to the south were shelved.

3. Why are we paying good money for the Office for Budget Responsibility? It’s as useful as a fast bowler with one leg. In March 2021, for example, the OBR forecast that inflation would hit 1.6% this year and reach 1.9% in 2023.

4. I was banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media. I’ve been banned by all mainstream media. I’ve been prevented from appearing on radio programmes. I’ve been threatened, lied about, libelled and stabbed in the back with indecent regularity. And recently BrandNewTube (the video platform) was hacked. Is there a pattern here? Every week, many tens of thousands of people watched my old truth filled videos on BrandNewTube and woke up to what is happening. For a couple of weeks none of those videos was visible and millions who might have woken will stay asleep. The conspirators will be cheering. The transcripts, by the way, are all available on my websites, though every month there are many thousands of attempts to take them down. And I’m delighted to say that there are videos still available on most of the other platforms. (My websites have been targeted by the military and secret services and heavily hacked since the early 1990s. When was taken down in the 1990s, the authorities traced the hack to the F.B.I. and, not surprisingly, nothing was done about it.)

5. The NHS has just spent £1 million on LGBTQ and anti-racism events. That was as much an irrelevant waste of money as if the NHS had spent £1 million sponsoring a darts tournament. Who authorised that expenditure? We should be told. It’s our money.

6. After the last bank crisis measures were put in place to ensure that taxpayers would never again have to bail out the banks. The measures were a failure. The Bank of England has reported that none of the UK banks could fail without harming their customers and/or taxpayers.

7. The G7 countries have unveiled a Russian oil price cap – a limit to how much they will allow Russia to charge for its oil. Unfortunately, Russia won’t take any notice of the price cap and nor will countries such as China and India who are buying Russian oil and who aren’t members of the G7. This must go down as one of the most entirely useless decisions in history. Incidentally, the pound is still falling fast but the rouble seems relatively healthy, thank you for asking.

8. A council run by Liberal Democrats is allowing workers to have the same pay for a four day week. Bin collectors will work 30 hours a week instead of a tiring 37 hours a week. Eight out of ten British workers are in favour of working a four day week. I bet they’re in favour of a two hour day and 26 weeks holiday too. And to make things worse (for the economy) there is now a campaign among young `workers’ to do as little as they can get away with when they’re supposed to be working. They call it `quiet quitting’ – a new synonym for laziness.

9. The UK Government is being urged to increase the minimum wage so that families have a minimum income of £43,400. This, it is claimed, will enable families to have a life worth living – with a subscription to Netflix. The downside, of course, is that unemployment will hit around 30 million as just about every business in the country will go bust. Still, we mustn’t let little things like that stand in the way of left wing lunacy.

10. GPs enjoyed a massive pay rise during the covid fraud – despite the fact that their average working week has been reduced to 26 hours (a three day week). Nowhere in the mainstream media did I see anyone point out that the massive pay rise was as a result of GPs accepting fees to jab their unsuspecting patients with a toxic experimental drug. When does a fee become a bribe, I wonder? Meanwhile, the NHS is in such a terrible state that patients are choosing to die at home rather than risk medical treatment. Doctors and nurses should be consumed with shame. But they’re threatening to go on strike for even more money. And the death of the NHS is being blamed on long covid.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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