Christmas Once a Month

Vernon Coleman

Putting away the Christmas decorations on twelfth night was especially sad this year. We’d been looking forward to Christmas for months. It had been the highlight of a terrible year.

So, although we adhered to the twelfth night tradition and took down the trees and the Victorian decorations and the baubles and the tinsel and so on, we didn’t put everything away.

We kept out our collection of beautifully made nativity scenes. We didn’t put the special candle chimes away. We kept back a few dozen tree decorations.

And we have several dozen crackers and a couple of Christmas puddings left over.

We have decided to celebrate Christmas every month on the 25th or on the first Sunday after the 25th.

We’ve bought a small 4ft tree which we will put up, decorate and take down afterwards.

We’ll have a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. We’ll have crackers and candles and watch favourite old films. And we will give each other one, inexpensive but prettily wrapped gift.

It’ll be something to look forward every month now that we live in a bleak, totalitarian world.

We will have 12 Christmases this year.

And so we already have 12 special days to which we can look forward.

Some folk might think we’re potty.

But I don’t give a fig.

At least we’re not pretending the world is being threatened by a deadly plague.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 7th 2020