Shocking Truths about Your Money (Part One of Two)

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Since the fake covid hoax of 2020, three quarters of the world’s increase in wealth has gone to the 1%. Incomes for everyone except the Davos crowd and the Bilderbergers is still going down because of soaring inflation.

2. Governments, companies and people became addicted to cheap money (low interest rates). The addiction was and is comparable to drug addiction. Low interest rates weakened economies and created Zombie companies and pushed savers into risky investments.

3. The BRICS will possibly create a new currency backed by gold. That will be the end of the dollar’s power over the world.

4. Gas and oil account for 76% of the UK’s consumption (compared with an EU average of 57%). Thanks to the mad greens, the UK is frighteningly dependent upon foreign oil.

5. Small businesses provide most of the jobs and most of the productivity in all countries. But the EU (and most individual governments) hate small companies and want to shut them down.

6. There is talk of a recession but this is going to be much worse than a recession. There is going to be a massive, long lasting depression. We won’t ever go back to what we think of as `normal’. That is gone forever.

7. If interest rates go up, bonds will come down and banks will go bust. If interest rates stay as they are or come down we will have hyperinflation.

8. There is a huge pressure to forgive debts everywhere. Biden wants to forgive $1.6 trillion in student loans. The US is already bankrupt. Taxpayers will be expected to find the money.

9. Banks are going to have to lend less money and charge higher rates. The inevitable result will be a fall in house prices.

10. Globalisation brought down prices for decades. Globalisation is over. Prices are going up.

11. Joe Biden and his family took money from China. Why hasn’t he been arrested?

12. The USA stole $300 billion from Russia and much money from investors. No one will ever trust America again.

13. Young people and politicians and globalists have one thing in common – they all hate democracy and want the State to control everything. They want more taxes, more confiscations and more laws.

14. Taxes in the UK represent about 44% of UK GDP. That’s one of the highest figures ever – for any country.

15. The coming Great Depression was deliberately engineered in February 2020. It will lead to millions of lost jobs and broken dreams. Huge numbers of businesses will die.

16. Today, 90% of all share dealing is done by robots.

17. Over 60 million Americans lost their jobs between March 1st 2020 and October 1st 2020. Many of those will never work again.

18. Own nothing and owe nothing is a good definition of slavery.

19. China and Russia want to replace the WEF’s stranglehold on the world.

20. The US has held the world’s reserve currency since 1944. Before that the UK, France, Spain, Holland and Italy all had the benefit of having the reserve currency. The US has become addicted to having its currency as the world reserve currency and US Governments will fight to hold onto it. Having the world’s reserve currency is like being able to print your own money and then go shopping with it.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023