Coronavirus: The Only Shops Which Will SurviveÖ

Vernon Coleman

Antoinette and I went shopping the other day.

When I say that we went shopping that is something of an exaggeration.

We visited a garden centre, a supermarket, a newsagent, a pharmacy and a greengrocer.

Nothing else was open.

It wasnít a great deal of fun.

We were shouted at by several shop assistants (in some cases more than once).

`Donít go that way!í

`You canít come in here until someone leaves.í

`Move back!

`You have to follow the arrows.í

`We donít take cash.í

It was a miserable experience.

In future we will do as much shopping as we can online.

Itís quicker and less painful. And often cheaper too.

I realise that shop assistants have been scared witless by the Governmentís constant threats. I understand that.

But you canít shout at customers, or treat them like prisoners, and expect them to return.

I fear that in the short-term the only shops which will survive the manufactured coronavirus `crisisí will be the shops which make shopping a special, pleasant experience.

And for the medium and long-term, shops and shoppers need to campaign to push governments to abandon social distancing laws which will destroy our society if they are maintained. We donít have social distancing to protect us from the flu, which can kill more people than the coronavirus. And we donít have social distancing to protect us from other killer diseases such as tuberculosis Ė which kills far more people than the coronavirus.

The way things are going at the moment, Mr Bezos is going to own the world within a few months.

Copyright 23rd May 2020

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