How will anyone know if GPs go on strike?

Dr Vernon Coleman

GPs are threatening to go on strike. They want a 30% pay rise, a three day week Ė working nine to five with a one hour lunch break. Thatís a 21 hour week.

But for years now many GPs have been refusing to see patients at all Ė staying at home and only speaking to patients on the phone or via computer.

The vast majority of GPs already refuse to visit patients in their homes (they claim itís a waste of their valuable time) and they wonít see patients outside their working hours. There is no service at night, at weekends or on bank holidays.

Unbelievably, GPs claim that they are overworked. But the truth is that itís because of lazy GPs that hospitals and the ambulance service canít cope.

So, the question is: if GPs do go on strike Ė how the hell will anyone know? The service they are supposed to provide couldnít be much worse than it already is.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2022

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