We’re Fighting for Our Lives

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A few decades ago when the BBC was still a broadcaster and hadn’t become a propaganda unit for fascists, thugs and psychopaths I used to appear on a programme called Start the Week from time to time – invariably because I had a new book coming out.

One week, I remember being in the studio at Broadcasting House watching the clock tick round to nine o’clock. I was quite young – thirty something I suspect. A newsreader called Richard Baker was the host and the other guests included David Attenborough – can’t remember who else. We were sitting around a round table, most of us looking early morning dishevelled, and the chair next to me was unoccupied.

`It looks as though our other guest isn’t coming,’ said Richard Baker, as the minute hand on the studio clock showed that the time was nine o’clock and we could hear a news announcer reading the top of the hour news. `The film director Roger Vadim was due to be our other guest.’

I’d heard of Vadim, of course. He was famous for some of the films he’d made but also for the women in his life. By the time he’d finished he’d had well recorded romances with Brigitte Bardot , Catherine Deneuve and Jane Fonda.

Suddenly, as we all cleared our throats and the news reader started to wind up, the outer door to the studio was flung open. We all turned and there was Roger Vadim – immaculately dressed and with a beautiful overcoat slung over his shoulders in a French superstar sort of way.

What was different was that either side of him stood a statuesque blonde – they looked as though they’d been hired straight from Central Casting. They too were immaculate and looked as though they were ready for dinner at the Ritz.

The clock ticked away.

With around thirty seconds to go the two women each plucked a shoulder of Vadim’s coat and lifted it from him. Vadim, freed of the encumbrance, stepped into the outer room where the sound engineer sat, opened the door to the studio and slid effortlessly into the empty chair. He said good morning to me, since I was next to him, on his left, nodded to everyone else, and Richard Baker said good morning to the audience.

It was the most impressive entrance I have ever seen. And it was all for a radio programme. The only audience members were those of us around the table and the engineer in the outer room.

I realised then, more than ever, that there are other worlds I would never fully understand. The idea of making all that effort to impress five or six strangers just seemed bizarre. But that was his world – and one that he seemed to find quite natural.

Most of us feel most comfortable in the world we know. We might take an adventurous holiday occasionally. But we like to come back home – to a milieu where we feel safe and at peace, where we know what to expect from the world and the people around us.

I was reminded of that incident with Roger Vadim as I fought yet again against the cognitive dissonance which makes me doubt my own mind when I realise just what is happening around us.

It’s genuinely difficult to believe that it’s happening – it’s as if we were living in a science fiction movie where evil people want to control us, turn us into slaves and rule every aspect of our lives.

And I can understand why millions still find it impossible to believe the truth.

They prefer to believe the slightly more plausible story that there is a plague which has killed hundreds of millions around the world and which will, if left to its own devices, kill us all.

And yet by believing that we are living through a plague they are taking part in a huge conspiracy which is being stage managed by Governments, bent officials and bought media outlets all around the world and organised, for their own ultimate financial benefit, by billionaires and bankers.

And the billionaires are already doing pretty well out of a crisis which has been used as an excuse to destroy economies everywhere – damaging savings and taking jobs by the million. The wealth of billionaires in the US alone has increased by nearly $800 billion so far this year.

Why are people so susceptible to this pretty blatant nonsense? Why can’t they see that the scientific evidence does not support anything being said by the people in charge?

In the television version of John Le Carre’s novel Perfect Spy a British spy tells a Czech spy that his son is allowed to take his teddy bear to his private school.

`There goes the revolution,’ comments the Czech spy laconically.

I remembered that moment when I was wondering why many younger folk are behaving with such pathetic obedience in the face of absurd, hysterical and clearly wrong-headed oppression.

The fact is that many younger people have been mollycoddled so much that their self-respect and pride have been replaced with a sense of entitlement and a matching willingness to what they are told – whatever it is – by people in authority.

I’ve long had a theory that the emasculation of our society is largely a result of all the female hormones in the drinking water but I’m beginning to wonder whether the authorities haven’t been helping that particular contamination along just a little.

Since then Government ministers and main stream journalists have lied with all quiet certitude of estate agents telling a house buyer that the funny looking stuff in the spare bedroom is a bunch of cobwebs and couldn’t possibly be dry rot.

In addition, ministers, back bench MPs and the opposition parties have all approved the official slaughter of thousands of elderly and sick individuals with all the wild eyed venomous, blood thirsty enthusiasm of Genghis Khan. Many old people died in care homes and hospitals because they starved to death or denied medical treatment. In hospitals in the UK the frail are often not fed unless a relative does it. If you have relatives in a care home I suggest you take them out to protect them. Those who are well enough might move into a small hotel – which will probably be nicer and cheaper. What a disgrace our health care is today.

At the end of this, when we’ve won the war, people like Johnson and Hancock are going to be looking for good lawyers to defend them in the courts. They will have already been tried, and found guilty, in the court of public opinion.

It has been painfully, depressingly clear since March that the lockdowns, the social distancing, the face masks and all the rest of the nonsense had absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus. Back in February and March, I called the panic a hoax. This wasn’t because I didn’t believe that the virus existed. I called it a hoax, and still believe it a hoax, because I believed that the threat of the coronavirus had been dramatically exaggerated. And that belief has never wavered and now the evidence supports my assertion.

Governments around the world have demolished democracy and taken away our freedom of speech and our right of public protest and have passed laws giving them totalitarian rights.

The State apparatus has interfered because the servants of the State are following a series of hidden agendas.

I do find myself wondering how many of those involved know precisely what is going on, and why, and how many are simply following orders – ignoring reality and morality like so many concentration camp guards herding the innocent into and out of trains and into camps and worse.

How do they recruit people?

Does a knowing minister say to a back bench MP: `Psst, we’re taking over the world for Bill Gates, Elon Musk and a few more of the boys. Do you want to join us? You’ll get a $5 million joining fee and you and your family won’t have to have the damned vaccine.’

The word `connected’ used to mean knowing someone with a bent nose and a mumble, now it means that you’ve got Bill Gates’s phone number and a bank account nicely fattened with some of his ill-gotten gains.

How many of the huge BBC staff are in on it? How many are so stupid that they believe the nonsense? I suspect the BBC has been deliberately been recruiting half-wits for years – just so that they’d be ready for this moment. I feel that the BBC has been a propaganda unit since it took money from the EU and joined up with Bill Gates – the vaccine needle man. Virginity is like a balloon – one prick and it’s gone for ever. BBC staff should realise that you can’t be a bit honest and trustworthy any more than you can be a bit of a virgin or a bit pregnant.

This is a global, well organised coup.

It is frequently argued that Sweden, which had no lockdown and no mask requirements, has had a very high death rate. If anyone in the media were interested in the facts they would see that the average age of Swedish citizens who died was 86, and the great majority of deaths occurred in care homes and nursing homes. The mortality level in Sweden remained below a bad flu season. The Swedish people now seem to have a high, natural immunity. Fact checkers around the world might like to look at the Imperial College projections, which were alarming, and the actual death rate which was not. The rest of the world may be envious of Sweden having had no lockdowns and yet still having a low mortality rate but I don’t trust the Swedish government any more than any other. Maybe the second wave will deliberately start in Sweden so that they can set an example to the rest of the world and show that lockdowns really are necessary to stop this so called virus. After all, Sweden is almost cashless and under the skin chips are being trialled there. They seem to be further ahead in this agenda than many other countries around the world.

The oppression, the suppression, is now endless.

YouTube took down three of my videos on a single day recently. None of the three contained anything about the World Health Organisation, masks, social distancing or any of their usual worries. All three were many weeks old. They took down my video entitled `BBC Fact Checking Investigated’ in a pretty obvious nod of thanks to the most corrupt and dishonest propaganda unit in the world it seems to me.

This channel is, by the way, a public service broadcast. I’ve taken over from the BBC, now no more than a propaganda unit, in providing honest, unbiased information about our manufactured crisis. But not only are there no ads but you don’t have to pay a licence fee.

In that same hour, YouTube took down my video about the coming global food shortage too. That video had been put up in June and it was curious because I can see no reason to remove the video unless it was uncomfortably close to the truth. Now, more than ever, I am certain that food shortages are coming. Never forget that the cabal wants a much smaller global population.

They are also attacking our food supplies too, of course. I’ve dealt with this before several times but things are getting worse and the problem is worth revisiting. Just about every day I read about farms and food factories where employees have tested positive for the coronavirus – with the result that the farms and food factories have been closed. None of the media reports bothers to mention that the tests being used are woefully inaccurate and produce more false positives than real positives. The tests pick up fragments of old viruses – which most of us have in our bodies – and are pretty pointless in scientific terms. They are, however, very useful in political terms if you’re a billionaire seeking to further a personal agenda.

There is, of course, plenty of food on earth. The problem is that much of it is in the wrong place. That’s why the EU built all those food mountains. The food was needed in Africa but the EU’s agricultural policies and subsidies and crookery meant that it got stored in areas where it wasn’t needed.

And the problem with our current food supplies is that they are provided by lots of small farms and smallish food companies. The greedy billionaires want to get rid of all that food and replace it with artificial food made in their factories. Their long standing plan has suddenly become urgent since they do not want to waste a carefully created crisis. They are already selling laboratory grown meat as beef. This doesn’t affect me personally because I am vegetarian but there will be no label to show that the meat was grown in a laboratory and I think people are entitled to know the origins of their food. In Europe the EU, having screwed up just about everything else, now wants to control our food supplies in the minutest detail. Every piece of food will be digitalised and identified and part of the internet of things. And they want us to trust that everything is being done for our benefit.

Suddenly, they have realised that nutrition has a value in health care and they want to control our diet with legislation, advice and taxes (on sugary and fatty foods). Long standing medical tyranny is about to be extended and become food tyranny. They are planning to introduce medically tailored meals and to extend genetically modified foods. The policy carried out with great success in India by Monsanto, for example, will mean that farmers will have to buy all their seeds from the big companies and it will be illegal to keep seeds from one year’s crop for the following year. There will be very few different varieties of foods and this will, I think, create unnatural susceptibility to disease. Some genetically modified foods (such as tomatoes and tobacco) will be grown containing vaccines.

They want a coordinated, central control of health care, education and food. They want to close town centres and small shops and force everyone to shop through the internet (it’s known as contactless shopping). Homeland Security was introduced to cope with the alleged problem of 9/11 Now there is, so they say, a need for a new form of national security to deal with the covid-19 threat.

Talking of food, I see that the Irish Government has ordered restaurants to keep a record of what people eat – as well as their names, addresses and telephone numbers. They claim that this is to stop people going into a restaurant and just ordering drinks. Have these idiots never heard of Prohibition in the USA where a pot of tea was code for a large bourbon? Clever restaurant owners will merely put down a Guinness as a plate of fish and chips and a port and lemon will become a prawn cocktail. I sometimes think governments everywhere are vying to prove their loyalty to the cabal.

And, all within an hour or so, YouTube took down my video entitled `Old Lives Matter’ which was about the appalling way that the elderly have been abused and killed. That too was months old. And it makes it clear that the cabal is also determined to continue to get rid of the old – notably by using DNR notices on anyone over 60 or, in Scotland, 45-years-old. I predicted that would be their plan in my March 18th video on You Tube – surprisingly that has not yet been taken down, though they will doubtless remedy that shortly. It is almost possible to track the plans of the globalists according to the videos they remove.

Luckily, all those banned videos were moved over to my new channel on Brand New Tube just hours before the Gestapo at ScrewYouTube upped their game. And you can read all the transcripts on this website.

Every day that passes it becomes increasingly clear just what the aims really are – and how the billionaires are planning to destroy our normal way of life.

They’ve destroyed education, health care and economies, of course – all to soften us up for the vaccine which they say is essential. This will be a vaccine which will genetically modify us, change humans for eternity and be used to turn us into compliant, obedient servants. And yet, amazingly, lawyers and doctors all over the world are fighting hard to bring in mandatory vaccines. Do these dumb idiots not realise that they and their families will then also have to be vaccinated with a vaccine which will probably change their bodies and minds? The old-fashioned vaccines of recent years were bad enough. The new vaccines are a game changer. I’d rather have a stick of sweating dynamite in my fist than allow anyone to give me one of these new life and soul changing vaccines.

To protect the community and the country, politicians do not need 100% immunity among the citizens. Much less than 100% will do fine. So why are so many campaigning for mandatory vaccination? It is unnecessary. There are enough idiots around who will gladly, eagerly take any vaccination. Unless, of course, there is some ulterior motive for forcing everyone to accept a vaccine that many now fear will have not been tested adequately.

I worry enormously about the flu vaccine which is being promoted with such hysterical enthusiasm. Why? Vaccines are getting ever more dangerous and we know that the people making vaccines are fraudsters and liars. Just look at the track records of the big drug companies. Who can possibly trust these people? And how can anyone trust politicians who have lied so often that they make Pinocchio look snub nosed?

They want to cut down all the trees in our towns and cities and put up tower blocks in their place. It’s all being in the name of the Green Revolution and the half-witted, ignorant buffoons who are campaigning on behalf of the global warming myth are merely clumsy, disposable foot soldiers for Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the United Nations and the dark, dark evil forces behind them.

How can people not understand what is going on? The mass of people have become so weak. We have a world full of pantywaists. If we had a war today and we relied on the collaborators to defend us, our soldiers would insist on facing the enemy with lances or spears so that they could maintain social distancing during any hand to hand fighting.

All those collaborating in this crime against humanity – and that includes compliant politicians, dishonest journalists, obedient bureaucrats and silent health professionals – should remember that, after we win this war, which we will, they will be tried for their crimes. And they should remember that at the Nuremburg Trials the excuse, `I was just doing my job’ was not an acceptable excuse.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 11th 2020

Vernon Coleman’s book, How to stop your doctor killing you is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.