Our Times - No 1

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Was anyone surprised that a driverless car killed a pedestrian? I can think of a thousand reasons why driverless cars are dangerous but here’s one: what happens when the sensors (upon which the car relies) are covered in mud?

2. Remainers (who want Britain to stay in the EU) are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with their captors.

3. It is time for Britons to boycott products made in those EU countries which are constantly belittling us and trying to humiliate us. No more BMW cars, no more Mercedes cars, no more champagne and no more Camembert. We can buy everything we want from the rest of the world.

4. I wish people would stop claiming that the EU was set up to prevent World War III. There is clear evidence that the EU was designed by the Nazis to ensure that even after surrendering, Germany would still win World War II. Those who refuse to accept the evidence have their heads in the sand.

5. It’s scary to see that 97% of Britons tune in to the BBC every week – to be fed a diet of pro EU propaganda. The BBC is by far the most dangerous organisation in Britain.

6. If you want to change more than a few euros at a Post Office, the counter clerk will demand to see your passport AND your driving licence. Why isn’t one good enough?

7. The Scottish Public Health Minister wants addicts to be given free heroin. It would make as much sense to give free booze to alcoholics and free fags to smokers.

8. The EU’s absurd rubbish laws (which are the reason why councils now only collect rubbish once every two or three weeks) are the direct cause of fly tipping. And fly tipping is going to get much, much worse.

9. London is now officially one of the world’s worst cities to live in. It is congested, polluted and madly overcrowded – and absurdly expensive.

10. The EU is entirely responsible for long waiting times in A&E units. Two main reasons. First, EU laws about working hours mean that there is an endemic shortage of doctors and nurses. Second, Britain is the most overcrowded country in Europe – thanks to the EU’s immigration policies.

11. The adverts you see on the internet are designed to satisfy your known needs. Similarly, news feeds on the internet are designed to reinforce your prejudices.

12. The Bank of England has at last admitted that its policy of printing money has contributed to large pension deficits. This has had a very damaging effect on all employees with private and corporate pensions. Bank of England staff have generous and protected pensions paid for by the rest of us.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018