If You’re Over 70 Your Government Can Now Legally Kill You

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The Liverpool Care Pathway (a murderers’ charter, which allows doctors and nurses to withhold food, water and essential treatment from patients who are over 65 and who are, therefore, regarded as an expensive nuisance) is being replaced by something called Sustainable Development Goals (which originated with the United Nations).

Sustainable Development Goals allows the NHS to discriminate against anyone over the age of 70 on the grounds that people who die when they are over 70 cannot be said to have died ‘prematurely’ and so will not count when the nation’s healthcare is being assessed.

The Government loves this new rule because it gives the State permission to get rid of citizens who are of pensionable age and, therefore, regarded by society’s accountants as a ‘burden’.

Copyright Dr Vernon Coleman 2016