How to Relax and Overcome Stress

Dr Vernon Coleman

Back in the 1970s I wrote a book called `Stress Control’ which was my first commercial medical book. Since t hen I’ve updated that book several times and written a couple of other books on the subject. `How to Relax and Overcome Stress’ is packed with information which I think that anyone who suffers from stress will find useful. `How to Relax and Overcome Stress’ is 278 pages long and includes my Counter-stress Philosophy. The book includes the follow headings – and much more.

The factors which cause stress
How much is stress affecting your life
Are you suffering from burnout and the 21st century blues?
Measure your exposure to stress
Know yourself
Know your driving forces
Tips for survival
The values and limitation of medical intervention
What withdrawal symptoms should tranquilliser addicts expect?
Alternative stress therapies that work
Using the techniques of relaxation
Recapture your teenage dreams
Meditation is easier than you think
Build up your self confidence
Survival in a changing society

PlUS there is a lengthy section on the diseases caused by stress.

`How to relax and overcome stress’ by Vernon Coleman is available as a paperback. To purchase a copy just CLICK HERE.

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