Female Hormones in Drinking Water have created a Race of Namby Pamby Wimps

Dr Vernon Coleman

For 40 years now I have been warning about the damage done by the high level of female hormones in our drinking water.

The hormones are excreted by the millions of women taking the contraceptive pill.

And the quantities in our rivers are so great that they’ve resulted in fish changing sex.

The evidence continues to accumulate.

A recent analysis of water flowing through parts of the Avon valley in England, found a huge number of substances from prescription medication – including antibiotics, heart medicines, painkillers, tranquillisers, sedatives and anti-depressants.

A recent article published by the National Academy of Sciences in the USA was entitled `Pharmaceutical Pollution of the World’s Rivers’.

It is generally assumed that these drugs get into the rivers because people throw unwanted pills into the loo – and flush them away.

But that’s not true.

The drugs get into the rivers because waste water from our sewage is discharged into rivers. Sometimes the waste water contains raw sewage. Sometimes it has been treated. But as far as drugs are concerned it doesn’t matter if the sewage is treated or not because treatment facilities cannot remove drug residues from waste water.

And when we take drugs a huge amount of active chemical is discharged from our bodies in our urine.

So how do drugs get from the rivers into drinking water?

That’s simple too.

Water companies take drinking water supplies from rivers.

And once again the treatment plants cannot remove the drug residues – including hormones such as oestrogen.

I’ve been warning about this for decades. If you want to know more read my book `Superbody’ which contains a section on drinking water.

The amount of oestrogen increases constantly as this bizarre water cycle continues.

And I believe it explains why young millennial men (and younger) are such wimps these days.

If you think I’m exaggerating just look at our sporting heroes.

They are forever complaining that they are tired and need a break. The England players are accompanied by a plethora of coaches and trainers. They probably have someone to show them how to put on their shoes and someone else to tie their laces for them.

But look at what Lord Hawke (who played cricket for England and Yorkshire and was a much loved captain) had to say in an interview in C.B.Fry’s Magazine in June 1904. Lord Hawke was asked if playing full time cricket needed `clean living’.

`No, I object to the idea that a man has to train for cricket. A man in ordinary good health ought to be able to play cricket with the best of them; a man, I mean, who is not intemperate, doesn’t smoke during the game, but is just an ordinary, healthy, self-respecting animal. Such a man, if he can play cricket at all, ought to be able to play his best without any of the rigours of training. I don’t believe in making such a business of the game as all that. And I hate all this talk about the physical strain of cricket, and the whinings for a shorter day. Heaven bless my soul! Why if a man can’t stand six or seven hours of cricket, what good is he for anything? We shall be breeding soon a lot of pampered cricketers, gentle pussy –cat creatures who will have to be wheeled up the wickets in bath-chairs! Isn’t it ridiculous? As if an ordinary man couldn’t play a game of cricket very day in the week, and be all the better for it.’

That was in 1904.

Exactly what Lord Hawke feared has come to pass – a breed of young men who are pampered gentle pussy-cat creatures.

I blame the oestrogen in the drinking water.

It’s turned modern men into namby pamby wimps.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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