The Unmasking of Pandora

Dr Vernon Coleman

The revelations described as coming from the leaked Pandora’s Papers have been dominating The Guardian and the BBC recently. It is the usual stuff: endless news of billionaires paying less tax than little old ladies and buying up obscenely expensive buildings.

What a coincidence that the BBC and The Guardian are the two lefty, woke media organisations most closely linked with the Great Reset and the New Normal.

And both have financial links to Bill Gates.

The `scoop’ seemed to begin well with a story about Tony Blair allegedly saving over £300,000 in stamp duty on a house purchase.

But Blair, a keen supporter of the Great Reset, quickly disappeared from the news – and never really garnered the headlines and questions a former Labour Prime Minister deserved.

The Pandora Papers are, in my view, merely another part of the media’s support for the Global Reset.

The aim is to encourage us to become angry about the way billionaires around the world are buying up property, laundering money and avoiding tax.

But ‘twas ever thus!

The `revelations’ (mostly as dull as a global warming harangue) are merely more of the same old rage against the system as it exists and has existed for generations.

Yes, the system is corrupt.

But we knew that. There have been many similar revelations in recent years.

Is anyone really surprised?

Of course not.

The aim is to convince us that there is an urgent need to reset society.

And, luckily for us, Klaus Schwab and his chums at the Global Economic Forum have a perfect replacement ready: the Great Reset, the New Normal.

Well, I for one would rather stick with the faulty system that gave us endless greed and corruption than change to a system which will give us digital passports, a world government, genocide and compulsory jabbing with experimental products.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

Vernon Coleman’s first book about the covid fraud was published in April 2020. The book is called `Coming Apocalypse’ and it describes the early days of what Dr Coleman began by calling the `coronavirus hoax’. `Coming Apocalypse’ is still available as a paperback and an eBook.