The Parcel Delivery

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

We had an email today telling me that an item I ordered will be delivered tomorrow.

And for our convenience it will be delivered between 0600 and 2200.

I read it several times.

Thatís what it said.

A delivery person will bang on the door demanding a signature at sometime between 0600 and 2200. (There is a bell but they always prefer to bang on the door.)

And so we must be on our toes and ready to respond for 16 hours.

We must not go out.

And we cannot work because we canít work if we are constantly expecting someone to bang on the door.

So the day will be wasted.

I discussed this with Antoinette.

And we decided to get up early and go out for the day.

I donít care what the delivery driver does with the parcel.

I decided I donít want it that badly.

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