Partygate: They knew they could party because they KNEW covid was a fraud

Dr Vernon Coleman

Everyone is disgusted that Boris Johnson and assorted aides and civil servants ignored the lockdown rules they’d created. And they should be disgusted.

Anyone other than civil servants would be fined and sacked for such foul behaviour.

Some commentators seem surprised that the people who’d made the covid rules ignored them.

But they shouldn’t be surprised.

Politicians and civil servants ignored the lockdown rules because they knew they were unnecessary.

They knew that the covid scare was a HOAX that could be safely ignored.

'Doris' Johnson and the drunken civil servants who enjoyed parties at Number 10 Downing Street, and the various offices in Whitehall (doubtless at our expense) knew that the lockdowns they had instructed the rest of the country to obey were entirely unnecessary and irrelevant – that is why they ignored the rules they’d made.

They KNEW that covid-19 was just the rebranded flu.

I have spent some time trying to think how best to describe Boris Johnson. Eventually, I decided that the time-worn phrase `lying little shit’ seems most appropriate.

And as for the civil servants?

Sack every one of them who attended a party.

Actually, sack the entire civil service.

They are lazy, drastically underworked and egregiously overpaid.

No one would notice their disappearance.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

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