Passing Observations

Vernon Coleman

1. HMRC has been told to delete five million voice files it collected illegally. It seems that HMRC behaves illegally quite often these days - but never seems to be punished. Time for a few sackings? Or maybe just smaller bonuses?

2. The kids who now seem to want to rule the world are heavy on hubris and unencumbered by facts. It will all end in tears when they realise that without oil there will be no mobile phones and no computer games, and that they will have to walk to school.

3. When I have trouble with utility companies I tell them I am old and demented. They then stop being so aggressive.

4. Are black people now among the worst racists? Some black activists seem to get away with outrageous stuff that would put a white person in prison – and their attitudes seem to aggravate situations unnecessarily. Some bring 'race’ into everything. Wounds don’t heal if you keep picking at scabs.

5. Theresa May has polarised the country for generations. Her legacy will be an ongoing civil war that will last for decades.

6. If Cambridge University decides that it received money from slavers what will it do? Giving a million or so to selected and suitable charities won’t cut the mustard. There will be demands for interest. And 200 years of compound interest on even one million quid will result in a payment demand that no one could ever pay.

7. Was the news about Madeleine McCann released to distract attention from the results of the local elections? Convenient timing – which filled the front pages of three tabloids. A friend of the family is quoted as saying: 'It is odd that news of this possible new lead has come (on) the anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance and we’re wondering if it could have been made up.’ Simultaneously, Cressida Dick, the Met Police commissioner and the woman who gave the order for an innocent Brazilian to be shot in the Tube, said that the Home Office was considering whether to give more public money to the cost of the team of detectives working on Madeleine’s disappearance.

8. People who sign up for Apps which manage all their money for them need permanent chaperones. Ditto people who sign up for Apps which look after their passwords for them.

9. I saw an EU flag sticker on the Queen’s car the other day. She doesn’t understand, does she?

10. As predicted here some time ago compulsory vaccination will be with us soon. It won’t be the first time. They tried compulsory vaccination in the 19th century.

11. Harry and wife are reported to want fewer Royal duties so that they have more time to fly around and tell us how to run our lives. Will someone please tell them that they are paid to wave and open cupboards. It’s a sort of job. They have no more right to tell us how to run our lives than, say, a teenage Swede. If they want to stop opening cupboards and waving then that’s fine – just don’t expect taxpayers to pay the bills for the expensive lifestyle.

12. A Government minister in the UK says that those who question vaccination have blood on their hands. Pity that the minister concerned probably knows as much about vaccination as I know about shipbuilding.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019