Passing Observations 4

Vernon Coleman

1. Teenagers are enthusiastic supporters of Corbyn because he has promised to change the law so that even under 18s receive the minimum wage of £10 a week. These young innocents should beware of what they wish for. If Corbyn forces employers to pay inexperienced youngsters the same as older workers there will be one disastrous consequence: no one will ever again employ any young person. And that will mean that they will probably never work.

2. Hydrogen is the new super clean fuel being promoted by Greens as great for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. How wonderful. But what a pity that the hydrogen being used as a super new clean fuel is obtained from coal and natural gas.

3. School pupils have set up an online petition to demand `some form of compensation’ or `special consideration’ after finding their maths A level paper `extremely difficult’. Ah diddums. So here’s next year’s A levels maths paper:
a) Which number is bigger: 5 or 287?
b) If you add 2 + 2 do you get 4 or a banana?
c) How do you spell `algebra’?

4. If Rory Stewart becomes leader of the Tories there will be no Brexit, the Tory party will die, Comrade Corbyn will become Prime Minister and Britain will be destroyed for two generations.

5. Only a very uncaring, unimaginative and cruel person would think it funny to suggest that people throw acid at those they don’t like. I was not surprised that the BBC didn’t seem particularly shocked or that the authorities felt that the suggestion was perfectly legal. I bet they wouldn’t have condoned the remark if Remainers were the likely targets. (I confess I’ve never found the comedian concerned in the slightest bit funny – I have always assumed she was hired so that the BBC could fill their quota of female performers.)

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