Passing Observations 5

Vernon Coleman

1. The BBC agreed to give free licence fees to the over 75s in return for being entitled to charge more for the licence fee. Now the dishonourable, treacherous bastards want to renege on the deal. No honest citizen should ever again pay the BBC licence fee. Let the EU loving bastards who work there starve to death – or get proper jobs picking up litter. (As I have explained elsewhere on this site there are many legal ways to avoid paying the TV licence.)

2. The SNP want Scotland to become independent when Britain leaves the EU to regain its freedom. And then the SNP want to re-join the EU and lose their independence. Are these people really as stupid as they appear to be?

3. Welsh politicians are moaning that a car factory in Wales is shutting down. But the same politicians are forever whingeing about climate change and the need to stop using fossil fuels. How absolutely predictably moronic.

4. The enthusiasm for electric cars among virtuous cretins with an overdeveloped sense of superiority continues despite the fact that electric cars are unreliable, likely to catch fire and have been proven to be considerably more damaging to the environment than diesel cars. Oh and they have a tendency to dribble to a halt every 20 miles. If you see anyone with an electric car – point at them and laugh.

5. Green policies, dreamt up by deluded six-year olds and promoted by ignorant, publicity hungry adults, mean abandoning fossil fuels and ending capitalism. They will lead to destabilised regimes, world war, mass slaughter, starvation and the deaths of millions in cold weather. Why aren’t the Greens honest about their blood-thirsty sado-masochistic yearnings?

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

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