Theresa May is Insane – And We’re Going To Pay For Her Insanity

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Political leaders often show signs of madness. We’ve had a few psychopaths in Downing Street. But I can’t remember a Prime Minister who has been as clearly insane as Theresa May.

As I pointed out recently (maybe also I’m heading in the direction of the loony bin), Albert Einstein is credited with defining insanity as 'doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.

And that is exactly what Mrs May is doing.

She says she’s going to re-offer her absurd and unwanted 'deal’ to the House of Commons.

No one (other than a few pathetic acolytes) regards the deal as a good one for anyone other than the EU.

If the Conservative Party doesn’t get rid of Mrs May very soon then there will be no Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister will be a scruffy bloke with a beard. His Government will have a combined IQ somewhere south of 100.

Tory MPs who are intent on rejecting the nation’s demand to leave the EU with 'no deal’ don’t seem to realise what this will mean.

Most of them will lose their jobs, of course. And they won’t all be able to get fancy, overpaid jobs with the EU.

More importantly, Corbyn and his merry bunch will destroy Britain.

Here are few of the things we can expect if Labour forms a Government:

Private pension funds of over, say, £250,000 will be confiscated.

Those who have saved money in their pension funds will be forced to invest their savings in special Government Bonds. The Bonds will be permanent and will pay 0.01% interest. They will be guaranteed to lose value over the years.

Exchange controls will be brought in. Travellers will be allowed to take no more than £200 out of the country.

There will be a new tax on all transactions. In the same way that we have to pay stamp duty when buying a house we will have to pay stamp duty when taking out a mortgage or a loan or buying shares or purchasing a car.

VAT will go up to 25% and there will be no exemptions.

All existing taxes will go up.

A great array of new taxes will be introduced – all aimed at the long-suffering middle classes. (The rich will have left the country.)

In an attempt to tax the rich who have buggered off, the Government will follow the American example and tax all exiles and ex-patriots. The rich will abandon their nationalities and buy passports from Malta, Cyprus et al.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

Vernon Coleman’s book Stuffed! describes why and how Britain is already in trouble. A Labour Government will ensure that things get worse, much worse.