Conkers – Perfect for the Olympics

Vernon Coleman

It looks as though eSports (computer games to you and me) are soon to be in the Olympics.

When I publicly suggested this a couple of years ago, I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. It was what used to be called `a joke’ (in the days when jokes were allowed).

But those were simpler days.

I’m delighted by this success and pleased for pasty faced nerds everywhere. I would now like to suggest the game of conkers be included in the Olympics.

Conkers is a game which lends itself readily cheating and is, therefore, absolutely suitable for the Olympics and other international sporting events.

You can bake your conker. You can soak it in vinegar. You can inject it with untraceable hormones.

And so I thoroughly recommend the game of conkers to the Olympics committee.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019