How Not To Give Your Phone Number on the Internet

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It is difficult to do anything on the internet these days without having to give your telephone number.

And you know damned well that when you do, some bastard will probably ring you at 8.00 to try to sell you a half-filled sack of cheap electricity.

So I try not to give out my phone number too often.

And that can be tricky when the website you’re on has made the phone number box a mandatory part of the site.

But there is a way round it.

My favourite trick is to put down the company’s phone number instead of my own.

They hardly ever notice.

And if they try to call you then they’ll end up ringing themselves.

That tickles to my sense of humour.

A pal suggests that if that doesn’t appeal to you for some reason (or you don’t have the company’s phone number) then you could always give the phone number for your local tax office. He points out that they never answer the phone anyway.

I wouldn’t do that, of course because it’s probably against a law of some kind. And obviously you must not do that either. I mention it only in case you hear it suggested and to warn you not to do it.

Alternatively, you could use the number for an old phone you don’t use – an old mobile that you threw into a drawer in 1987.

Or even buy a cheap `burner’ phone and give the number of that.

Anything is better than giving your own number.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018