Piss off peers!

Vernon Coleman

So, a bunch of unelected peers, stuffed to their bloated gills with privileges and showered daily with oodles of taxpayers’ money, have decided that British pensioners are too rich and should be deprived of all their privileges.

This is, I suspect, a punishment designed to give Leave voters a good smacking. (Most OAPs are wise enough to have voted Leave.)

The fat arsed Lords (probably all Remainers) want pensioners to receive smaller pensions, to pay National Insurance on their meagre incomes and to be deprived of bus passes. They want to stop the pitiful winter fuel allowance and (for those over 75) free TV licences. (National Insurance payments are allegedly taken to pay for pensions. Where’s the logic in forcing pensioners to pay insurance to pay themselves a pension?)

The Lords would probably prefer if it we OAPs all crawled into caves and died quietly.

The morons in the House of Lords argue that instead of helping old folk stay alive, a gazillion ungrateful and greedy millennials should be given sacks full of money so that they can continue spending oodles of dosh on flying around the world, living on expensive café food, renting posh clothes, buying smart phones with zillions of apps and going to demos where they can have fun complaining about other, less important people flying around the world.

I have provided evidence elsewhere that today’s millennials have more money available than any other generation. They are richer than their parents or their grandparents. But the greedy, lazy bastards just fritter the stuff away indulging themselves.

What a bloody country this is becoming.

Around 40,000 to 60,000 pensioners die every winter because they can’t afford to keep warm. Heaven knows how many starve to death. Pensioners in the UK get lower pensions than in any other so-called civilised country in the world. I know facts are considered boring these days. But those are facts.

Moreover, the evidence shows that, despite their whingeing, millennials are better off than any other generation. They could buy themselves houses if they wanted to. But they prefer to fritter away their money on expensive lattes and lots of holidays.

The only way we pensioners will get any sympathy is if we glue ourselves to trains and stop the traffic in Oxford Circus.

But we have too much dignity for that.

So we must sustain ourselves with the knowledge that today’s greedy, pensioner-hating aristocracy will one day be old themselves.

And tomorrow’s pensioners are going to be treated even worse than today’s pensioners.

What a bloody country this is becoming.

I used to be proud to be English.

I have to confess I am these days ashamed to be English.

We took down our three lion flag and replaced it with a skull and crossbones flag.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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