Plastic Houses Ė Another EU Invention

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There are too many experts around and too many of them are moronic.

There were the experts who told us that AIDS was going to kill us all by the year 2000.

There were the experts who told us that we should all drive diesel cars.

And there are the experts who want us to live in houses built out of plastic and fibreboard.

The EUís experts claim that modern houses built out of plastic and fibreboard are better for the environment.

The EU wants us to get rid of Victorian houses and replace them with ticky tacky boxes that wonít last a decade.


How the hell did they come to the bizarre conclusion that ticky tacky boxes are better than Victorian houses made out of brick and wood?

Itís madness.

They donít want us to use plastic bags because they will destroy the planet.

They do want us to use cotton bags which require far more natural resources than plastic. They donít seem to care that making cotton bags requires vast quantities of water (the one major commodity the world is running out of NOW).

And they want us to live in houses with ill-fitting plastic doors and ill-fitting plastic windows which let the cold in and the heat out.


Absolutely bloody barking.

And typical of the EUís variety of expert.

When we leave the EU it should be the hardest Brexit possible. We should abandon all their daft rules and regulations.

We will be a greener, healthier and richer country without the EUís experts telling us to drive diesel cars and live in ticky tacky plastic box houses.

There are three varieties of acceptable Brexit: hard, harder and hardest.

We want the hardest.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018