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Dr Vernon Coleman

1. As long as all my phones donít stop working, and God is willing, Iíll be doing a live phone interview on DLive.TV/Unitynews on Friday 30th July at 8.30 pm UK time. (Their website is Iíll try not to say anything rude about governments, the medical profession or the BBC but I canít promise.

2. If youíve watched recent videos of demonstrations against covid tyranny youíll have probably seen the 21st Century Wire T-shirts. My favourite is Ďloviní the Old Normalí (the T-shirt has a red heart in place of the word loviní). If youíd like to buy one please go to (No, Iím not getting a commission!) Independent websites like Patrickís need all our support. Itís becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain a website these days. is excellent and well worth visiting regularly.

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