Let’s Dump the Poison Filled Queen and the Rest of the Wretched Royal Family

Dr Vernon Coleman

I used to be a royalist. But that was long ago. No more.

Now I believe that sensible folk should boo and hiss whenever they see a member of the royal family. They should wave two fingers, rather than hands or hankies. The modern royals exhibit greed, self-importance, hubris, selfishness and hypocrisy but absolutely no sense of responsibility, loyalty or respect towards the people who pay for their rock-star lifestyles.

On Thursday 25th February 2021, the queen called millions of people selfish because they refuse to take an experimental, untested, unnecessary and deadly vaccine. She’s either an unbelievably ignorant, batty old crone or part of the lying, evil cabal determined to take over the world and kill millions of us.

To say that the jab didn’t hurt was, quite possibly, the most patronising and pathetic thing I’ve ever heard anyone say. Does she care that one in 35 of the people who is daft enough to accept the vaccine will die or suffer serious adverse events? And Bill Gates, who runs global health care, wants over seven billion people to be poisoned with the damned stuff.

Does the empty headed old bat not know that the wretched virus kills far less than 1 in 100 people of the relatively few who genuinely get it and far fewer than that among young healthy adults. Does she not realise that most people are more likely to die in an accident while heading for the vaccination centre than they are to die of covid-19?

The queen says she feels protected now that she’s (allegedly) been injected. She seems happy to be (allegedly) taking part in this genocidal experiment. How mad is this bloody woman? Even the World Health Organization won’t promise that the vaccine will stop you getting or spreading covid-19.

Britain’s royal family has played an enthusiastic part in the plan to make the British people accept Agenda 21. Hypocrite Prince Charles has for many years been a keen advocate of the global warming myth, busily flying around the world to attend global warming conferences. Charles’s two sons, William and Harry have also been keen supporters of the same myth and have spent much of their lives flying around the world to prove their contempt for the mad theory they pretend to espouse. (They also claim the world is overpopulated but breed with enthusiasm. Prince Philip wants to come back as a deadly virus.)

Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch, was notably absent during the months in which the 2020 hoax started to build towards a climax. Her main contribution has been to produce four of the most entirely foul and useless human beings in history. Her family makes the Borgias look loveable.

The astonishing thing about Charles is the hubris, the certainty that he, a man who has never known any of the normal worries of the world, an intensely over-privileged member of an arrogant over-privileged family, thinks he understands the global warming cult and knows best how the world should be managed.

He, like the rest of his family, has betrayed the British people and the people of the Commonwealth.

His son, the Duke of Cambridge is also blessed with copious quantities of hubris and appears to be a world class hypocrite. He has stated that there are too many people in the world – but he has three children. He flies constantly but claims that the myth of ‘global warming is irrefutable’. Just how or why he knows this to be the case he has not bothered to share with us. As always with the royal family it is a case of `do as I say, not as I do’.

If the royals understand that the myth of global warming was devised as an excuse for Agenda 21 then they are traitors. If they don’t understand then they are gullible fools.

We should get rid of the existing royal family completely. We can confiscate their estates and, since they are too incompetent to earn a living, provide them with modest, rented accommodation on the top floor of a high rise block of flats.

But that would leave us with the danger of having a president and so, to avoid that dire eventuality, we should have rotating royals. This could be arranged via a weekly lottery. Punters entering the lottery could, as one of the prizes, have a chance to win being king and queen for a week.

The temporary holders of the royal offices would do the usual hand waving and opening of cupboards, envelopes and approved buildings – and then, at the end of their week, go back to their usual lives. The confiscated royal estates could be used to fund this simple operation so there would be no drain on taxpayers.

Candidates for the role should be stupid, vacuous, vain and have a grotesque sense of entitlement. Almost any successful reality television `stars’ would be suitable for these roles.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 26th 2021

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