Britain - A Police State

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A citizen who wrote to the Home Secretary, criticising the Government for creating a police state, was called for an interview with his GP. The GP had received a letter from the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) following instructions from the Home Office. The GP was required to interview the citizen who had dared to complain in order to establish his `state of mind'.

It seems that in future anyone who dares to criticise the Government may be regarded as mentally ill.

The FTAC is a joint initiative by the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police and the Department of Health and consists of nine police officers (one chief inspector, one inspector, one sergeant and six police constables), three psychiatric nurses, a part time psychiatrist and a part time pathologist. The NHS component of this merry little quango costs over 500,000 a year.

The purpose of the FTAC is: `to assess and manage the risks posed by those who engage in inappropriate or threatening forms of contact towards people in public life and in doing so, to direct severely mentally ill people, who are identified through such contacts, to the care that they so desperately need.'

FTAC may make use of police powers under section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 to `take a person who appears to be suffering from a mental disorder, and in immediate need of care or control, to a place of safety'.

Officially, FTAC is described as `a new form of diversion initiative in which the interests of patient care overlap with those of crime prevention'.

If you haven't gone cold inside by the time you have read this far then you may not be aware of the way that the Soviet Union and the East Germans used mental hospitals and psychiatric clinics to silence protestors and dissidents.

Naturally, the FTAC does not define what is considered `inappropriate' or `threatening' forms of contact. It is inappropriate or threatening because `they' say it is.

The technique of branding outspoken individuals as `mad' isn't new. But it's truly terrifying to see it being used in England, with the idea of troublesome individuals being sectioned as mentally ill and locked up where they can be controlled and silenced.

The FTAC has been given sweeping powers to check the files of thousands of suspects. And the team has the power to order that suspects undergo involuntary `treatment' in secure psychiatric units. Troublesome citizens can be locked up for an indefinite period without trial, without criminal charges being laid and without any evidence of any crime being committed.

Our protectors have become our brutalisers and our leaders have led us into a barren wilderness where only the weeds of deceit and corruption flourish.

Taken from The Return of the Disgruntled Man by Vernon Coleman, available on Amazon