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`Everyone should read at least one of Vernon Coleman's books. If you hate political correctness, Big Brother government or the medical establishment, then read at least two.' - Amazon

Gordon is a Moron
A step by step account of how Gordon Brown's economic policies destroyed Britain. A political best seller. Click Here

101 Things I Have Learned
- Private and confidential thoughts on surviving the coming economic, social and cultural chaos.

`Could not put it down until I had finished it. A thoroughly enthralling read to the very end.' - W.M., Co Antrim

`The best and wisest book I have ever read.' - P.H.

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- Tomorrow's secrets: social, political and financial forecasts for the coming decade.

`A work of genius.' - A.J.

`I laughed out loud about the Greeks! Keep socking it to them.' - Nigel Farage MEP

`At first I thought that Vernon had started to write science fiction books - until I realised that this is our planet. The book makes for grim reading but it's true and it is well written. One great thing about reading Vernon Coleman books is that they prepare you. And it is good to read something independent.' - L.V.

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England Our England
`I have just read your book England Our England. I just could not put it down until I had finished it.' - S.P., Gwynedd

`I would like to congratulate Dr Coleman on his book England Our England. Much needed.' - W.F.

`My recent purchase of copies of Dr Coleman's England Our England was a great success. The book has been sent to friends in New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada as well as England.' - Mrs B.M., Cheshire

`I am a professional researcher and a campaigner against the European Union, and much appreciate your excellent book, England Our England.' - M.S., Swansea

`I have recently read your book England Our England with great interest and appreciation and have ordered some for distribution.' - Mr C.T., Birmingham

`Thank you so much for England Our England which manages to convey a vast amount of information with clarity and insight. More than any other book it has helped me to order my own thoughts on the EU, and has presented me with food for a lot more. I used to think that Orwell's work was profoundly disturbing until I read this: a book virtually guaranteed to cause a sleepless night. I believe it to be essential reading for everyone who loves this country and cares about its future.' - Mrs J.C., Derbyshire

`I have long opposed the EU, and write to you (a second time) about your excellent book which I have read and repeatedly refer to. It is quite the best and simplest `tour de force' of the evil empire I have read, and am delighted that it is being reprinted so frequently.' - Mr G.W., York

`I have just read England Our England. I am now very disturbed. Your book has confirmed what my father has been trying to tell me for years, and what I have in the last five years or so come to realise. If only half of what you say is true then, every man, woman and child in the British Isles should be worried. Very worried.' - Mr B.G., Yorkshire

`Your book England Our England has just been sent to me by an English friend and I am most grateful to him for having done so...' - J.M., Perthshire

`This book should be required reading for every Conservative candidate who is adopted to fight the next General Election.' -Mr N.S., Northumberland

`I feel compelled to write after reading your very relevant book England Our England. Up to that moment I had felt somewhat isolated in my own suspicions as to what was truly taking place.' - P.M., West Yorkshire

`I've just read your book England Our England. I have been a member of UKIP ever since it was formed so you will understand how much I enjoyed the book. I am so glad you published it in that format. I hope thousands more folk will read it and be warned of the dangers we face.' - Mrs E.Y., Wiltshire

`I've just read, say devoured, your book England Our England. Thank you for putting this information into the public domain. Scary!' - Miss P.F., Sunderland

`Have just read your book England Our England and it was so good I just couldn't put it down. It was absolutely riveting and hilariously witty too. Great stuff!' - Mrs P.S., Co Kerry

`Among the more robust publications on the `Eurosceptic' side of the argument is this slim but powerfully argued volume by Vernon Coleman. Dr Coleman pulls no punches in describing the menace that ever closer union with Europe poses to the British way of life.' - Commonwealth Lawyers Association

`Congratulations on England Our England. Why does nobody else have your vigour, conviction and clarity? A brilliant job well done.' - J.V., Bristol

`In the last three weeks I have read England Our England twice and I have to say that I have never been so frightened.' - A.L., Essex

`I recently read through England Our England. Although it did my blood pressure no good, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the enormous public service you have done and are doing for us.' - D.H. by e-mail

`Many thanks for outlining the issues in such simple terms.' -T.W., Yorkshire

`My most sincere thanks for all you are doing for our dear England. You have my full support.' - B.J., Somerset

`I greatly enjoyed your book England Our England. Having been an external, private sector adviser to the European Commission I am impressed by nearly everything you have said.' - D.J., Surrey

`I have just finished reading, in one session and with mounting admiration leavened with despair, your estimable work England Our England. I want my country back and its honourable history preserved.' - R.T.C., Kent

`Please accept this order for 10 copies of England Our England. I believe this is the most important book you have ever written and if I had the money I would buy enough copies to drop through every letterbox in my area.' - A.B., Kent

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Living in a Fascist Country
- Conspiracies, peak oil, greedy politicians, and your disappearing freedom and privacy.

`Everybody ought to have a copy of this book.' - Fourth World Review

`I suggest you buy this book, to give you perspective on what's underway and what to do about it personally.' - Harry Schultz, HSL Newsletter

` a bedtime book of nightmares...scary stuff indeed.' - Nexus

`With its accounts of how the government is fooling the ID cards and under-the-skin chips will destroy personal liberty, how public infrastructure has been offloaded to the highest bidder, and how the banks and other institutions are on the take, this book is a manifesto aimed at alerting people to the fact that they're being manipulated big-time and calling on them to rise up to assert their rights before it's too late.' - Nexus magazine.

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Why Everything is Going to get Worse Before it Gets Better - and what you can do about it
Why things are bad, why they are going to get worse, how we can rescue ourselves, how we can save the country and what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Vernon Coleman shines a light into many dark corners.

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What Happens Next?
- Clear, practical advice to help you cope.

`Excellent' - The Guardian

`Vernon Coleman's book is a true life horror story of what an incompetent Government has done to our once great country, and how we will be suffering the consequences for countless years to come. You MUST read this book to prepare yourself for what's in store for us.' - Amazon five star review

`Everyone who loves our country should read this book and think deeply about the future of the UK.' - Amazon four star review

`Vernon Coleman continues his remorseless demolition of the `facts' of modern life in his usual iconoclastic style. Essential reading for all those who think the mass media is designed to inform.' - Amazon five stars

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How To Protect and Preserve Your Freedom, Identity And Privacy
- Does exactly what the title says.

'Nowhere else will you find a book that is crammed with such useful advice when it comes to protecting your identity, freedom and privacy. And if you should be unfortunate enough to find yourself a victim of identity fraud then this book will tell you what to do.' - J. S.

'No one can afford not to read this book.' - R. F.

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The OFPIS File
- The most powerful and revealing book about the EU ever published.

`Had to thank you and praise you for your incredible work getting out your informative books on the EU.' - M.W., Wales
`I have just finished reading my latest Vernon Coleman book, the OFPIS File, and think it probably the best yet, not only because it lights up the EU scam in a way that few can, but has such a great deal of relevant detail.' - J.M., Lancs

`Thank you for sending me your OFPIS book which I managed to read in about two days flat. Your books are very readable and are hard to put down once started (the secret must lie in your writing style).' - A.K., Middlesex

`Whenever I read one of his books he never ceases to amaze me.' - C.N., Dorset

`Read this book as if your life depended on it - because it does. A blow by blow account of the tyranny imposed by the EU on the UK from its inception to the present day. The worst is probably still to come but at least, thanks to the author, you will actually know what is happening when it finally arrives.' - Amazon five star review

`It is full of information on the EU and the loss (as of now) of our rights...It is obvious we the people are once again being duped...the content is so astonishing that it compels you to read on. I was a novice before this and it wasn't difficult to read.' - Amazon four star review

`Vernon Coleman is well regarded in our circles as the author of several fine books exposing the machinations of the Europhile elite, and for others in which he emerges as a sincere and thoughtful English patriot. He most definitely is neither a crank nor an alarmist.' - Identity Magazine

`I have read a number of Dr Coleman's books and regard him as an accurate and honest scourge of the EU.' - C.P., Wales

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A Bigger Problem Than Climate Change: The end of oil
There is a much bigger problem than climate change facing us all - the end of the oil. Alternative energy sources can supply only a tiny proportion of our requirements. Without oil our lives will be very different. First published in 2006, now proven accurate and more pertinent than ever. Essential reading for anyone concerned about our planet and our future.

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Bloodless Revolution
First published in 2009, this is the revised and updated edition. Bloodless Revolution includes two dozen life-changing things we can do when we've got rid of the political parties. 'Revolutions are only impossible before they take place. Afterwards, they were inevitable.' - Vernon Coleman.

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The Shocking History of the EU
Here is the true history of the EU - showing how the organisation was designed by Nazis during WWII and then built by Nazis after the end of the War. The book includes biographies of the 40 founding fathers of the EU and details of how and why the Americans helped Nazis create the EU to counter the growing power of the USSR

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Vernon Coleman explains why things are never again going to be the way they used to be. He discusses banking, immigration, the economy, the EU, the nanny State, inflation, our bonus culture, disappearing privacy, benefits and expectations, our creaking infrastructure - and so on. He explains why Britain is well and truly stuffed.

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