Why Do Labour Party Remainers Hate Poor People?

Vernon Coleman

I am constantly bemused by the fact that so many Labour Party MPs are Remainers.

I am bemused because the Labour Party always claims to want to help poorer people.

Do the Labour MPs who want Britain to stay in the EU really not understand that the EUís policies have done more harm to the poor than to any other segment of society? Can they really be that stupid? Or do they simply not care?

I could give scores of examples of ways in which the EU has made life terrible for the poor but here are just five:

1. It was the EU which forced us to introduce Value Added Tax. And it is no secret that VAT affects poor people far more than rich people.
2. The Common Agricultural Policy (created to enrich French farmers) has pushed up food prices massively.
3. The EUís mad energy policies (designed to satisfy the uninformed nutters who believe the Global Warming myth) have pushed up gas and electricity prices. Many poorer people (especially the elderly struggling to live on miniscule pensions) have to choose between eating and keeping warm.
4. EUís policies have destroyed the NHS. It is because of the EU that GPs now work librarian hours. It is because of the EU that the NHS now provides a worse service than it did 50 years ago. Rich people can buy private care. Poorer people rely on the NHS.
5. The EUís crazy ever-changing policies on diesel fuel have made life difficult and more expensive for drivers who were conned into buying diesel cars and who are now stuck with them. Rich people donít care.

Some Labour Party Remainers are undoubtedly too ignorant to know what the EU has done.

And there are probably many anti-semitic Labour MPs who are secret Nazis.

But they rest are probably simply looking out for themselves.

Are they hoping to pick up a nice job with the EU?

Or do they look at Tony Blair and see queues of American bankers with fat cheque books?

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

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