Coronavirus: A Population Control Plan?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I work hard at avoiding conspiracy theories. I have always believed that cock-ups are more common than conspiracies.

But I have long given up thinking that the global response to the coronavirus is a series of cock-ups (though there have, along the way, been many incidental cock-ups). The evidence makes it clear to me that we are being manipulated.

Here is a summary of some of the reasons why I am convinced.

First, in the UK the Governmentís advisers ruled in March that the coronavirus was not a high consequence infectious disease. As far as I know only this website reported this momentous piece of front page news.

Second, within days of this reassuring news, the UK Government had published its 358 page Emergency Bill and put the country into lockdown.

Third, the total number of alleged coronavirus deaths around the world is 300,000 (though this figure has been manipulated and is, in reality, widely believed to be much lower). This is a tragedy. But we have to remember that up to 650,000 people die in a bad flu season. And I donít remember countries being put into lockdown or social distancing being introduced for the flu.

Fourth, all opposition to the establishmentís view point is being silenced. (For example, YouTube is closing down platforms belonging to broadcasters who produce `unacceptableí information which questions government views. After YouTube banned two of my videos for absolutely no good reason that I could see, I decided to beat them to it by banning YouTube before they could ban me. However, three of my original videos and my two videos questioning the YouTube policy are, surprisingly, still available for the time being.)

Fifth, governments everywhere are promoting fear. In a future article I will come back to the mass hypnosis techniques they are using to control whole populations.

In a previous article on I have discussed the various hidden agendas behind the grab for power and control.

But there is one more hidden agenda which I forgot to include on that list: population control.

Look at the evidence.

The world is overpopulated.

The coronavirus is not going to kill enough people to affect the overpopulation problem.

But the twin evils of social distancing and lockdowns will have a massive effect on the population in many ways.

Obviously, we are all being made afraid and prevented by law from meeting new people or forming groups which might question what is happening.

But look at what is happening to young, single people.

They are being told to wear masks. So they cannot see what anyone looks like. No smiles can be exchanged.

They are being told that they must keep six feet apart from people who arenít in their own household.

They cannot go to nightclubs or pubs to meet people.

They cannot go to the cinema together unless they are already in the same household.

So, there isnít much (or any) chance of new relationships developing.

Forget the jokes about the lockdown causing a population boom in December.

The medium and long-term result is going to be a massive drop in young people meeting partners.

And an inevitable, massive fall in the population.

Another big win for those who want to control the planet.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 16th 2020

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