Posh Boys and Chips

Vernon Coleman

We are often told that the Tory party is dominated by former public school boys.

This is true.

If all the Old Etonians in the Tory party were thrown out there would hardly be anyone left.

But the Labour Party is nearly as bad.

Scruffy Comrade Jeremy Corbyn, the tramp of modern politics, began his education at an independent preparatory school. He is an alumni of an independent preparatory school in Shropshire. And for all the good it did him he might as well have finished his education there.

Comrade John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor who has stated that he wants to overthrow capitalism (and who apparently regards Winston Churchill as a villain though his views on Adolf Hitler are as far as I know unknown) attended an independent school for boys.

Bet you didnít know that.

But I wonder what the devil went wrong with their education to leave them loathing capitalism and apparently carrying such huge chips on their shoulders.

Still, they are both doing nicely with their fat salaries and their safe pensions. And Comrade Corbynís 25-year-old son has a nice taxpayer funded job (around £48,000 a year) working for Comrade McDonnell. Oh and Comrade Corbyn Junior also made a nice few bob renting out the former social housing flat he managed to buy cheaply.

Meanwhile, Comrade Corbyn seems to like spending our money. He recently spent £180 of our money on artwork for a ĎJeremy Corbyn Calendarí.

I just hope the Comrade kept his clothes on.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019