`How to Survive the Post Coronavirus Apocalypse’

Vernon Coleman

At the end of February and the beginning of March this year I expressed doubts about the accuracy of the predictions being made about the coronavirus. In the UK, the official forecast at that time was that 8 million people would go into hospital and half a million would die. Remember that? Fear was everywhere. Around the world millions were terrified.

Since then I have consistently tried to provide reassuring information, explaining why I thought the official predictions were unrealistically pessimistic. Everything I have said here and in my three videos has been proved to be accurate.

I have constantly been surprised at the way the media has ignored some of the most astonishing news.

For example, a couple of days ago it was reported in the UK that 42% - nearly half – of all NHS hospital beds were empty and the huge, new hospitals that had been built were empty. This should have attracted a good deal of publicity but it didn’t. Throughout this so-called crisis the media, in a constant state of hysteria, has avoided publishing anything which might cast doubt on the international lockdown policy. Indeed, the media has joined with governments in promoting the deadly nature of the coronavirus. Falsified mortality figures have been widely reported as truths.

We are constantly being told that another so many people have died WITH the coronavirus. This is as pointless as saying that another so many people have died WITH varicose veins. What matters is what actually caused the deaths – and in a huge number of cases, the coronavirus was incidental and not the main cause of death. The Government’s own figures suggest that of the 20,000 deaths officially said to have been caused by the coronavirus, only a third were actually killed by the coronavirus. That’s a tragedy but it does not explain the Government’s panic and hysteria.

The Government’s own figure for coronavirus deaths is actually below 7,000!

Remember: an ordinary sort of flu will usually kill 17,000 or so people in the UK in a season.

In a year a bad flu will kill 650,000 people globally.

Why has the world economy been shut down for the coronavirus when it is never shut down for the flu?

Scaremongers point out that 2.8 million people around the world have caught the coronavirus infection. But in a bad year in the United States alone 60 million Americans get the flu.

I have no doubt that the figures have been exaggerated and fiddled because governments are now scared to admit that their stupid lockdowns were not necessary.

They know as well as I do that the lockdowns are going to do irreparable harm.

Countless thousands of patients with cancer have had their treatment abruptly and dangerously halted. Hundreds of thousands have been denied essential investigations. Many will die as a result of the lockdown. My wife Antoinette has shoulder pains as a souvenir of last year’s breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy. She needs physiotherapy to relieve the pain. But the hospital is closed so she does exercises at home. Do-it-yourself 19th century medicine in 21st century Britain.

Front line NHS staff in the UK such as supermarket workers, postmen, delivery drivers and so on deserve all the praise they get but those running the health service should be ashamed. Why are people clapping and praising NHS bosses when even the Government admits that 150,000 people will die unnecessarily because they were denied the care they needed? That is a Government estimate so the real figure is going to much, much higher. Millions have been left abandoned in a nightmare world of waiting and worry.

And remember that the coronavirus has killed less than 7,000.

A month or so ago Ferguson, the Government’s coronavirus guru, said it was dangerous to compare flu and coronavirus. He was right. Statistically, the flu appears to be a damned sight more dangerous. It’s the coronavirus 'cure' – the lockdown and pointless closure of the NHS - which will kill vast numbers.

All deaths are tragic but why are deaths from cancer considered less important than deaths from the coronavirus? Those in charge of the nation’s healthcare should be ashamed of what they’ve done. In my view they have betrayed millions of patients and they should all be fired.

Remember: nearly half the NHS beds are empty and a huge percentage of ITU beds are also empty! The Government admits that more ITU beds have been empty during the `crisis’ than were empty before it started.

Around the world, governments which instituted lockdowns should admit their mistakes and let people try to get back to something approaching normality. As I have explained previously on this website, in the UK, the Government’s advisors at Imperial College have got their predictions wrong many times before. Why is the Government still listening to them?

Astonishingly, governments are talking about keeping some businesses closed until next Christmas and keeping some people under house arrest until 2021 or until a vaccine is produced – if ever. That’s barbaric and wicked. Unbelievably, communities are already being torn apart as snitches and sneaks tittle tattle endlessly.

These crazy, indefensible lockdown policies will change our lives for ever.

Nothing will ever again be as it was in January 2020.

The long-term consequences of this tragedy will be staggering – and the cost will be devastating. House prices in towns and cities (particularly London) are going to collapse. Unemployment will head towards 10 million in the UK. Millions are going to find it difficult to get back to work after a long lay-off. Poverty (and the associated illnesses) will soar. Offices will close and home working is going to become commonplace. Taxes will have to rise dramatically. The word is that we will all have to follow social distancing rules indefinitely. High Street shops are doomed. Standing outside, queuing to enter a shop, will inevitably cause massive congestion on often narrow pavements. And it isn’t going to be much fun in the middle of winter, when there is ice on the ground and snow in the air. If shoppers have to enter one at a time how will couples choose furniture and how will mums buy shoes for their kids? At Christmas the queue at the Post Office will be a quarter of a mile long. If they all have to keep six feet from one another where will they all stand? Those roped queues will obviously have to be abandoned. If there are 20 people in a queue (not unusual at busy times in city centre Post Offices) and they all stand six feet apart then the line will be 120 feet long and stretch into the distance on the pavement outside. The queue for the Post Office will get mixed up with the queues for the banks, the queue for the greengrocer, the queue for the newsagent and so on. Where will everyone stand? How many people will freeze to death in bad weather? How many will get run over as queues spread out onto the pavement? Online shopping is going to explode and those who provide the support services (providing package, storage and courier services) will, like the traders who sold picks and shovels in the gold rush, be the ones who get rich.

Dividends (and therefore pensions) will be a memory as companies fight to save money. Service industries such as hairdressers and nail parlours clearly have no future. Thousands of pubs, cafes and hotels will close permanently. Foreign travel will be incredibly expensive and travellers will need certificates of vaccination. The police will continue to be able to order citizens to go home – even if they haven’t broken any law. Good temporary laws never last. Bad temporary laws always become permanent. Public transport will slowly die. Strangely, the elderly will survive all this much better than children or young adults. But death rates are going to soar as a result of the lockdown policies.

If you want to know how I see the future then you’ll find everything I believe in my new book entitled, How to Survive the Post Coronavirus Apocalypse. The book also contains a blow by blow account of how this cruel farce has unfolded.

I was the first person to see that government policies on the coronavirus were dangerous overkill. (Oddly, no one from any government has asked me how I knew – but serious attempts have been made to silence me and to suppress www.vernoncoleman.com. )

In How to Survive the Post Coronavirus Apocalypse I deal with the fallout from the world’s biggest ever hoax and I explain the awful consequences of the so-called `cure’ (the lockdown) that will kill millions around the world and devastate life for billions. The book started as notes for Antoinette and me – so that could we understand what lies ahead. But it grew into a book designed to explain all aspects of the terrifying future that lies ahead – and to help us all understand the world we are going to have to live in.

My book Coming Apocalypse is now available as an ebook and a paperback. In the book I explain why this 'crisis' developed and describe the sort of future we can expect. Our lives have been changed permanently.

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