The Healing Power of Love

Dr Vernon Coleman

There is more rock solid scientific evidence showing the influence of love and food on health than there is showing the value of many of the drugs doctors so willingly prescribe.

Here is a brief summary of just some of the evidence which shows that love and intimacy can, and do, have a dramatic influence on our health.

1. Researchers at Yale University studied 159 patients, and showed that men and women who felt the most loved had much less blockage in the arteries of their hearts. The researchers found that patients who felt loved were healthier than patients who didn’t.

2. In Sweden, researchers who studied 131 women showed that women who had deep emotional relationships had less coronary artery blockage than women who didn’t.

3. American researchers who studied nearly 10,000 married men showed that men who answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘Does Your Wife Show You Her Love?’ had significantly less angina (heart pain) than men who did not have a loving wife — even if they might be thought to be more at risk of developing heart disease because of their ages, blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings and so on. ‘The wife’s love and support ...apparently reduces the risk of angina pectoris even if the presence of high risk factors,’ concluded the researchers.

4. A study of 8,500 men showed that those who had loving wives had half the risk of developing duodenal ulcers as the men who did not have loving wives. Men who admitted that they did not think their wives loved them had three times as many ulcers as men who said their wives showed them love and support.

A surprising number of other research programmes have come to the same conclusions.

And the message here is clear.

If you have a loving relationship with another human being (or, failing that, an animal) then you are far more likely to stay healthy than if you don’t.

It is also clear that it is vitally important that you tell the people you love just how you feel about them. Say the words ‘I love you’ (and mean them) and you are vaccinating your partner/relative or friend against disease.

Both men and women benefit enormously if they have loving partners.

And there are no side effects.

Yet doctors and medical charities (most of whom are heavily indebted to drug companies) refuse to acknowledge the link between love and health.

Love may be a better cure than drugs or surgery.

But where’s the profit?

Taken from the book `Coleman’s Laws’ by Vernon Coleman. The book, which is available as a paperback and an eBook is subtitled: `The twelve medical truths you must know to survive’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2021