A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Vernon Coleman

My darling wife Antoinette and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on December 3rd. We had planned to have some sort of proper celebration but events have made that impossible. So I wrote a special Prayer of Thanksgiving which we intend to read together in a local church. Here it is:

Dear Lord,

As You know, we have been together as man and wife for 20 years today. Finding each other, and our true love for each other, is the most wonderful thing that has happened to us.

On this special day we would like to renew the vows we took two decades ago. We thank You for bringing us together and turning two lives into one and we promise, in Your presence, to love, honour and respect each other through joy and sadness, through good and through bad, through hope and through despair; all ways and always, and for eternity.

We ask You to acknowledge and bless the bond that exists between us and which has given us the strength to deal with life’s vicissitudes.

We thank You for bringing us together and making our lives whole, and we ask You to recognise our eternal love for each other.

Please bless our marriage with peace and happiness and strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits at what is, as You know, the most difficult time of our lives. Thanks to Your wisdom, oh Lord, we are as one person.

Please Lord give us the strength to live our life together with passion, courage and wisdom.

Bless our marriage and our togetherness, dear Lord.

We thank You for the past 20 years of togetherness and unity and we beseech You, oh Lord, to give us strength of body, mind and spirit for the years ahead.

In the name of Jesus Christ.


Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019

P.S. Antoinette and I would be delighted if other couples would like to use our prayer.