Pregnant Women and the Covid Jab

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The Chief Midwife for England recently said that health professionals have a responsibility to proactively encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated against covid-19.

I don’t agree.

I believe that health professionals have a responsibility to stop giving this experimental jab. It’s an injection that doesn’t do what most people think it does – but which was known back in 2020 to produce a massive number of dangerous side effects.

It is a fact that the covid-19 jab is experimental.

No one knows what will happen to those who are injected with it.

Will it have an effect on the pregnant woman, on parturition or on the health of the baby?

No one knows. It’s an experiment.

Will it affect the fertility of the newborn baby?

No one knows. It’s an experiment.

Will it affect the physical or mental health of the baby in one year or twelve years?

No one knows. It’s an experiment.

In January 2021, the World Health Organization recommended that pregnant women should not be given the covid-19 experimental jab.

It was agreed that there was not enough safety data. Pregnant women had not been enrolled in the initial trials.

There was also real doubt about whether it would be safe to give the jab to women who were breast feeding.

So why are women in England now being officially told that they should have the jab?

I have hunted around and I have seen a good deal of published material but I have still not seen adequate, conclusive clinical evidence telling us what might (or might not) happen to pregnant women and their unborn babies. I have been unable to find any evidence proving to my satisfaction that the covid-19 jab is safe to be given to pregnant women. I have, however, seen a massive amount of information showing that the covid-19 is associated with thousands of deaths and millions of significant adverse events.

My conclusion remains that no one should be given this experimental vaccine. I certainly would not give this jab to a pregnant woman or a woman expecting to become pregnant.

And, in my view, the Chief Midwife for England should be sacked.

Meanwhile, we should never forget that it is not up to those of us questioning the efficacy or safety of a medicine or injection to prove that it is dangerous. It is up to the promoters of that medicine to prove that it is safe. And they haven’t and they can’t prove that the covid-19 jab is, or will be, safe for pregnant women, for children or, indeed, for anyone.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021

Dr Vernon Coleman is a qualified doctor and former GP. He relinquished his licence when he retired but, contrary to lies on the internet, he has never been struck off. He can renew his licence to practice at any time simply by jumping through bureaucratic hoops and sending a cheque to the General Medical Council. Dr Coleman has been writing about drug interactions and adverse events for well over 50 years and is probably the most experienced doctor in this field in the world. His medical books include the international bestsellers `How to stop your doctor killing you’ and `Bodypower’.

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