Medical Establishment Puzzled: Why Are So Many Pregnant Women Dying

Dr Vernon Coleman

Women who are pregnant, or who have just had a baby, are dying in worrying numbers.

Between 2020 and 2022, a total of 293 women died in the UK while pregnant or within 42 days of the end of their pregnancy. Thatís a maternal death rate of 13.41 per 100,000.

And itís a massive rise on the 8.79 deaths per 100,000 which occurred in the previous years.

The main cause of death was thrombosis or thromboembolism. Heart problems also occurred.

The medical establishment is puzzled.

What on earth could be the cause, they ask.

Could it be poor health?

Could these women be dying because they are obese?

Or do women need better care during pregnancy?


These women are dying because they were given the covid-19 jab Ė which is known to cause blood problems.

Back in 2020 I warned repeatedly that this would happen. I repeatedly said that pregnant women in particular should not be given this jab.

No one listened. Everyone in the medical profession and the media sneered and simply banned me. Doctors with media exposure insisted that the covid-19 jab was perfectly safe for adults, children and pregnant women.

The videos in which I warned about the danger were banned everywhere.

But there is now no other logical explanation.

When, oh when, is someone in the medical establishment and the mainstream media going to understand that the covid-19 jab is lethal?

The answer I fear is: `Probably neverí.

Because the truth is too damned inconvenient.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2024

P.S. My YouTube channel was banned. My channel on BrandNewTube was taken down. My videos on were suppressed. I am banned from all mainstream media. I am banned from all social media. Everything I have said about covid and the covid-19 jab has been absolutely accurate. My latest book `Truth Teller: The Priceí explores the way in which my work has been suppressed, I have been demonised, and freedom of speech has become nothing more than a distant memory. You can buy a copy via the bookshop on