Fakes and Cons: People pretending to be me

Vernon Coleman

It has come to my attention (as they say) that there are now a number of fake accounts in my name on social media. There is, apparently, an account on Twitter claiming to be `Dr Vernon Colemaní and another account claiming to be `Vernon Colemaní. There are, of course, many other people called `Vernon Colemaní in the world but the fakers have used my photo when pretending to be me, and I doubt if there are many people in the world who share my name and my face.

There was an account in my name on Telegram and Iím aware of two fake Facebook accounts pretending to be me.

Heaven knows what else exists. You can guess as well as I can the purpose behind these accounts and why people have set them up.

For the record these are the only genuine sites on the internet which I currently use and control:

www.vernoncoleman.net (not active)
www.vernoncoleman.uk (not active)
www.vernoncoleman.co.uk (not active)

Brand New Tube Dr Vernon Coleman (Old Man in a Chair) which on 12.8.21 had 2,805,575 views and 64,376 subscribers

YouTube: Vernon Coleman (which on 12.8.21 had 91 videos and 210,000 subscribers)

I have a Linkedin account as Dr Vernon Coleman Author. On the 12th August 2021, I had 4721 connections.

I have listed the numbers for all the above sites to help identify them as mine.

I also write a column for thelightpaper.co.uk and have an author account on Amazon as `Vernon Colemaní.

I repeat: I do not have, and have never had, any account or accounts on Twitter or Facebook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 12th 2021