Prince Harry and Wife

Vernon Coleman

Prince Harry and his wife are making a huge mistake in now getting involved in politics.

There is talk that they are setting up their own political office so that they continue with their campaigning on feminism, transgender issues and climate change pseudoscience. And, of course, their office and staff will be paid for by us.

This is odd because I always got the impression that Harry didnít think much of journalists and the media.

More importantly, they are making a massive error.

Their job is to pose for photographs, open things (fetes, cupboards and sometimes whole buildings) and to smile while riding in open carriages.

Thatís it.

The royal family cannot be involved in political issues. Indeed, views and ideas are outside their constitutional responsibility.

If Harry and his wife want to get involved in hot topics then they should hand in their crowns and titles and get jobs.

Otherwise they will damage the royal family permanently.

Not that it matters terribly much.

If Britain stays in the EU (or rejoins) there will be no royal family.

After all, it would be impossible for one region with the United States of Europe to have a royal family.

The EU plan has always been to dispose of the royals at some future date.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

P.S. Incidentally, I see that some chums of the former Miss Markle have claimed that she bears a resemblance to Princess Diana. I rather think there is a much closer resemblance to Wallis Simpson who was also an American divorcee with a hunger for publicity. And that didnít end too happily, did it?