Why Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Despite the bizzare and inexplicable things that have happened, and a barrage of lies which would embarrass Pinocchio, seemingly intelligent people still believe the chaos and confusion is through incompetence. There is a feeling that we have to accept everything that is destroying our lives because it is all out of everyone’s control and that we must wait for an untested and quite possibly lethal vaccine to be available so that we can, if we live, return to something approaching a normal life again.

There is no doubt that millions are desperately upset by the lies and who actually believe some or all of it is true.

In a public car park the other day a middle aged man with a comb-over and a neat cardigan went hysterical when I stood a yard behind him by the ticket machine. He pointed to a spot twelve feet away and ordered me to retreat out of what he clearly thought was the jumping distance of the covid bug. He must have thought it was a bug with exceptional leaping skills. In the supermarket the other day, a terrified looking woman peered at me through her plastic visor, looking I must confess like something out of a Dan Dare comic, and told me that we had to hope that the R number went down soon.

Sadly, people still believe the gibberish.

They suspect that when governments do really stupid things and appear confused it is because politicians, advisors and civil servants aren’t very bright.

Now, in many cases this is understandable. In the UK, for example, not many people would hire Matt Hancock or Neil Ferguson to take an IQ test for them. Personally, I wouldn’t like to ask either of those two to do anything as complicated as make a cup of tea. Ask Hancock to make you a cup of tea and you wouldn’t be surprised if he presented you with a bowl of goldfish and a new pair of socks. Ask Ferguson for a cup of tea and after he’d spent a month studying his log tables and an antiquated slide rule you’d be handed a 40 gallon tankful of tomato soup.

All this is understandable. A bowl of cornflakes has a higher IQ than the entire British Government and all its scientific advisors. I wouldn’t trust Vallance and Whitty to take an aspirin out of the bottle.

But are the world’s politicians and their advisors really as quarter witted as they appear?

Well, none of them is very bright but it is quite impossible for any group of grown men and women to be as relentlessly stupid as our current batch of leaders appear to be. In my opinion, there are reasons for the lies and deceits and apparent confusion.

The basic trouble, as I have mentioned before is that because of the deceit, most people still think covid-19 is a dangerous, plague like disease.

They believe this, of course, because they have been lied to more effectively and more consistently than people have ever been lied to ever before.

All around the world populations have been bombarded with lie after lie, served up with evil determination that would have impressed Hitler and Goebbels.

And the lies just keep coming.

The liars say that covid-19 is a major killer when everyone with their brains in the right way round know that it is no more dangerous than the flu. The myth they are promoting is the biggest conspiracy theory in history.

In my view, Merkel, Johnson, Macron and so on are the conspiracy theorists.

They say that we must all be tested every day even though the experts insist that the tests produce so many false positives that they are useless and only of value to anyone trying to pretend that a second wave of infection is coming. The British health supremo, Matt Hancock seems as confused by the statistics of his own much promoted testing procedure as a tortoise would be if you tried to teach it the two times table. The testing is not just chaotic and badly organised as one might expect considering those involved. It is also pointless.

In the UK, our personal email addresses have, without our authority, been handed over to idiots who think we are going to download a new app designed to give the authorities an excuse to put us in prison and fine us thousands of pounds. That email went straight into my spam box. Why anyone would willingly download the NHS APP is quite beyond me. These are, presumably the same people who regard Pot Noodles as gourmet food and who are able to watch the BBC without throwing things at the screen.

And remember that on March 19th of 2020, the British Government was told that the coronavirus was being downgraded to the level of a flu bug. I reported this the day the news became available but the Main Stream Media covered up the news because it did not fit their agenda. You can find a link to the relevant part of the British Government’s website on my own website www.vernoncoleman.com If you haven’t seen it then you should.

Despite this reassurance from the experts, Boris Johnson and his government introduced the most oppressive legislation seen in England since before the Magna Carta.

And on the back of that legislation the British Government, introduced lockdowns. As a result of the panic and hysteria they provoked hospitals, schools and businesses were closed. People died in hospitals and care homes quite alone because absurd rules and mass hysteria among health professionals meant that visitors were not allowed. Social distancing, masks and other nonsenses were introduced.

The same things happened all around the world. It was a case of sledgehammers being wielded to smash nuts.

The lies, deceits and deceptions are still coming, of course.

The World Health Organisation, guilty of massive crimes against mankind, and governments everywhere appear to have celebrated the fact that there have now – allegedly – been a million deaths from covid-19.

They have celebrated this news because they think it vindicates their hard approach to the coronavirus.

But there are two things wrong with this nonsense.

First, every doctor in the world knows that the number of people who have really died of covid-19 is a fraction of this. The majority of those patients died of other diseases. In America, 94% of the patients who allegedly died of covid-19 also had serious disorders which were probably the cause of death. In the UK and other countries governments have deliberately increased the number of alleged deaths by encouraging doctors to falsify death certificates. Originally any patient who tested positive for covid-19 was assumed to have died of it – even if the test was done months earlier and they were run over by a bus. Today, you only die of covid-19 if you tested positive within 28 days. So you could still be run over by a bus and then put down as a covid-19 death. If that isn’t falsifying the records I don’t know what is.

Second, the usual flu season starts in the autumn and ends at the end of spring. The total global death rate in a flu season can be 650,000. In order to maximise the number of alleged deaths from covid-19, the WHO and governments everywhere have kept a running total going. The current death total started in 2019 and is still going. It seems likely that they will just keep a rolling total of deaths to try to make the disease seem as deadly as possible.

And, as I have said, the testing is a sick joke.

The tests throw up more false positives than positives, and independent experts have said that the entire testing programme should be abandoned. Despite this, the testing programme is being increased. In the UK, there has been talk of testing every single person every single day at a cost of £100 billion a year. Since the Government finds it difficult to test more than 100,000 a day, it is inconceivable that they would ever be able to test over 60 million people a day. And the testing would take up most of the Gross National Product. Testing everyone daily makes as much sense as giving everyone their own nuclear submarine.

All this for a disease which, despite all the lies, has been proven to be no more dangerous than flu.

Ever since the start, governments and advisors have made what seemed like stupid mistakes. Neil Ferguson, whose appalling track record would surely embarrass most scientists over the age of six, made absurdly pessimistic forecasts. I doubt if anyone outside government and the woman he met during lockdown still takes him seriously. But it seems that politicians are still listening to him and his colleagues and accepting their advice. They’d do better taking advice from the Westminster village idiot.

The lockdowns were never necessary or wise. It would always have been better to protect the vulnerable. I am not being wise after the event. I warned right at the start that the lockdowns would kill more people than the coronavirus. Deaths caused by government policies will rise for at least a decade. The Times has just reported that there are 15 million people on a hidden waiting list. A million women didn’t have breast screening exams they should have had. Thousands of people will die of cancer that could have been treated.

I’ve had enough of the drivel coming out of politicians’ mouths. And like most thinking people I am fed up with the attitude of the authorities. And the stupid fake fact checkers spreading nonsense around the internet and denying obvious truths. Most so-called fact checking is done by or for prejudiced organisations with a commercial agenda. And most of the checkers appear to be teenagers who don’t know how to spell research let alone do it.

I do not believe that the chaos, the confusion and the unnecessary deaths are an accident caused by stupidity and incompetence.

Our government has made itself our enemy and it is using the state to oppress, punish and gaol us.

On 26th September, a peaceful demonstration in London ended with the police making arrests – including the arrest of an eminent and perfectly peaceful German doctor who was standing at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, trying to tell the truth about covid-19. He was arrested, handcuffed and taken away in a police van.

What has this country come to?

The mass market media has made things far worse by deliberating suppressing the truth and promoting the myths.

You may be surprised to know, incidentally, that this isn’t anything new. Fifty years ago, when I edited a medical journal, a drug company executive told the publisher that his company would only buy ads in the journal if I were sacked. I had just written a book called, The Medicine Men which dealt rather critically with the drug industry.

When I was the doctor on TV AM breakfast television, I warned viewers about the dangers of eating a high fat diet. Immediately afterwards, the station received a letter from the Butter Information Council. The letter informed the TV station that my comments had jeopardised a planned advertising campaign on the station. This sort of thing has happened a good deal in my life and I am now very effectively banned from mainstream media for the sin of telling the truth. The ban comes from somewhere on high. Listeners to Talk Radio may have heard a presenter recently announce his intention to invite me onto his programme to talk about covid-19. I smiled when I heard about that. Naturally, no invitation has been forthcoming.

The mainstream media’s refusal to allow government critics, will stain many reputations permanently. Indeed, I suspect that much of the mainstream media will not survive this scandal. The BBC, which has betrayed its charter and ignored its obligations, signed its own death warrant when it acquired financial links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The same thing goes for The Guardian, of course.

However, it is politicians and their official advisors who will be punished most severely.

A video by the wonderful Professor Delores Cahill on Brand New Tube (entitled, ‘Delores Cahill 22nd September 2020’), reminded me that there is a crime called malfeasance – which is the crime of doing something illegal, and it particularly applies to public officials. It is defined as wilful and inappropriate action or the giving of intentionally incorrect advice.

The whole of the British Government’s policy since March has been false. The lockdowns were never necessary. The closure of hospitals and hospital departments was never necessary. The wearing of masks was never necessary – and was always going to do more harm than good. The dumping of old people in care homes was never necessary. Around the world millions of people will die because of what seemed like mistakes.

But I don’t think that they were mistakes. I don’t believe those people died through simple incompetence.

None of the government’s advice was appropriate. None of it is defensible.

The same is true of governments in the US and elsewhere around the world.

And though I am no lawyer, it seems to me that there must be a case that our governments and their advisors should be taken to court and charged with malfeasance or misfeasance – whichever seems most appropriate.

In the UK, I hope and believe that within months Johnson, Hancock and the rest of our disreputable government will be starting long prison sentences. Politicians in Scotland and Wales will not escape, and Government advisors will also spend their last years making number plates or sewing mailbags. Staff at the BBC will not be immune since the BBC is in essence a state broadcaster and has a responsibility to provide fair and balanced information. The penalties for malfeasance or misfeasance can be very severe and involve many years in prison. Editors and news editors should prepare for a long stay at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

And lower level civil servants should be worried too. Defendants at Nuremburg learned that `I was following orders’ doesn’t cut it as a defence. Thousands of snotty bureaucrats, brutal police officers and dancing health workers are going to have to acquire a taste for porridge.

Let’s hope that lawyers watching this start taking action now – before this scandal gets even worse and thousands more die unnecessarily.

In addition, I suspect, several million people will be entitled to take legal action for damages. Those who have lost relatives to this crime will be able to sue for millions. And those whose businesses have been ruined will also be able to sue.

In my previous videos, around 100 of them, I have proved conclusively that the Government has been lying about everything. The World Health Organisation has given appalling advice.

In coming videos I will continue to explain exactly why all these lies have been told. I’ve already given some of the answers in earlier videos.

Talking of which I have just finished putting together a book containing transcripts of my videos and the text of website articles. The book, which is quite long, is available on Amazon. We’ve kept the price as low as possible. It’s called, Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History.

When Johnson, Sturgeon, Whitty and Vallance are serving time I’ll send them copies so that they’ve got something to read – and they reflect on their malfeasance. I’m not sure whether I’ll bother sending one to Hancock. I’m not convinced he can read.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 30th 2020

Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History by Vernon Coleman is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon