Here is the Proof

Vernon Coleman

As I reported on my website back in March, on March 19th, the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the new disease should no longer be classified as a 'high consequence infectious disease' (click on the link below to see the proof). The coronavirus was downgraded to flu level.

A couple of days after this decision, the UK Government introduced lockdowns and introduced the most oppressive Bill in British Parliamentary history. The Emergency Bill, which was 358 pages long, turned Britain into a totalitarian state and gave the Government and the police unprecedented powers. Public meetings and elections were banned and there were new powers relating to 'restrictions on use and disclosure of information'.

There are still people who do not know that the coronavirus was downgraded to `flu’ threat back in March. Please send the link to MPs and newspapers. It proves that everything that has happened since March has been a lie.

High Consequence Infectious