The Financial Times: A Propaganda Rag and a Disgrace

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The Financial Times claims that ‘to avoid our societies splintering, our politics polarising, and the value of reason and evidence being further devalued’ then we must all fight for a ‘freer, fairer and more accountable’ internet.

Fair enough.

Can’t argue with that.

But creating a fairer internet will take a while.

Meanwhile, there is something we could do quickly to make the country a better place: close down the Financial Times.

In my opinion, the FT is the most embarrassing, unpatriotic, disloyal `newspaper’ in Britain.

It is even worse than The Guardian. And that’s not easy.

The FT sucks up to the European Union at every possible opportunity – it is a propaganda rag. And the FT seems to me to hate Britain in general and England in particular.

Britain would be a better, fairer nation without the Financial Times.

Don’t buy it.

And if you see anyone reading it ask them why they’re reading a newspaper which faithfully supports the most fascist organisation in world history.

And point out to them that Britain will save £90 billion in EU trade tariffs alone when we leave the EU.

Despite the politically biased prognostications of the Bank of England, the Treasury and slavishly pro EU newspapers such as the Financial Times there seems no doubt that Britain will boom if and when we finally quit the evil conspiracy which is the EU.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018