We’re Fighting a Propaganda War

Dr Vernon Coleman

Note: This is my column for The Light Paper dated 18th March 2021. Please visit thelightpaper.co.uk to read the whole paper.

We are fighting a war.

And this is a call to arms.

On one side are those of us fighting to share the truth, expose the lies of the Great Deceivers, and defend and protect the lives of the frail, the disabled, the very young, the aged and the vulnerable.

On the other side are a few dozen billionaires, a cluster of totalitarian governments, a few hundred crooked advisors and the mainstream media.

Since March 2020, governments and their tame pseudo-scientists have ignored, denied and suppressed the science. They’ve replaced evidence with lies and propaganda and they have vilified and demonised truth-tellers as conspiracy theorists.

It has long been clear that the war, our battle for survival, was always going to be won in the media.

Governments everywhere understood that before the war started – that’s why they literally bought the mainstream media with huge amounts of advertising money. And why they bought the BBC with promises of an enduring future as a protected state broadcaster.

Like the rest of the mainstream media the appalling BBC, which has abandoned its charter of neutrality in order to lead a fear and death campaign of unprecedented banality and dishonesty, is controlled and represented by the brainwashed, the bigoted, the bullies and the bought.

If the pseudo-journalists working at the BBC believe the lies they are paid to disseminate then they’re simply stupid. If they know they’re lying they are malignant.

No interviewer on mainstream media dares interview doctors questioning the lies told by governments and government scientists. The BBC denies the truth with fanatical zeal – offering airtime only to a select and favoured bunch of 100 or so tame rent-a-quote doctors who can be relied upon to stick to the party lies. The silencing of the honest and the refusal to debate – are all part of a covid misinformation plan conceived by evil governments and executed by mainstream media tarts and trollops: pseudo-journalists of easy virtue.

None of this should be a surprise, of course.

Uncomfortable truths have always attracted abuse, ridicule and persecution, and those who dare to speak out against the establishment have always been regarded as dangerous heretics. Governments and their hacks have always accused the truth-tellers of their own faults. The iconoclast has never been a welcome figure in any age.

Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, was dismissed by his political masters and his books were burned. Those who didn’t burn his books within 30 days were branded and condemned to forced labour.

Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth of Athens, arrested for being an evildoer and ‘a person showing curiosity, searching into things under the earth and above the heaven and teaching all this to others’. He was condemned to death.

Dante, the Italian poet, was banished from Florence and condemned to be burnt at the stake if ever captured.

After they had failed to silence him with threats and bribes, the authorities excommunicated Spinoza in Amsterdam because he refused to toe the party line, refused to think what other people told him he must think and insisted on maintaining his intellectual independence. He and his work were denounced as ‘forged in Hell’.

Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (known to his chums as Paracelsus) made himself enemies all over Europe because he tried to revolutionise medicine in the 16th century. Paracelsus was the greatest influence on medical thinking since Hippocrates but the establishment regarded him as a trouble-maker.

Ignaz Semmelweiss, the Austrian obstetrician who recognised that puerperal fever was caused by doctors’ dirty habits was ostracised by the medical profession for daring to criticise practical procedures.

Dr John Snow fought two huge battles. He introduced anaesthesia for women in confinement, and by removing the handle from the Broad Street pump in Soho he helped prevent the spread of cholera in London. Both battles brought him enemies.

These are among my personal heroes. Original thinkers and people who do not fit neatly into the scheme of things have never gone down well.

So, those of us fighting the war against our oppressors are in good company. At first, we had a voice, not in the mainstream media, of course, but we had a modest voice on the internet and we were able to share truths fairly freely.

That changed quickly, as governments leant on the major platforms, and doctors and journalists were banned and threatened for daring to share the truth.

There’s been very little free speech on the major platforms for a long, long time. As far as Facebook and YouTube are concerned, censorship is their new normal. Wikipedia editors routinely conspire to defame and distort in favour of the Gatesian corruptibles. (You can see my revealing video about Wikipedia on BrandNewTube.)

It was HL Mencken who wrote that the relationship of a journalist to a politician should be that of a dog to a lamppost. Thinking there must be no criticism of the establishment is not only unpatriotic and servile but morally treasonable.

I’ve been banned many times over the years. I have, for example, been completely banned in China ever since I wrote a column on vaccination for a large Chinese newspaper. The Government took such great offence that all my books, a number of which were bestsellers in China, were completely banned. Now such bullying is commonplace in Europe and America.

Today, the most egregious example of scientific censorship can be found at the BBC where there it is official policy is not to allow any discussion or debate about vaccination.

This is an extraordinary state of affairs for a national broadcaster which is supposed to inform and educate its viewers and listeners and to provide a fair and accurate account of the news; it means that those who obtain all or most of their information from the BBC are never fully informed about a topic which is, almost certainly, the most important health issue of our times.

To use a sporting metaphor it’s as though the BBC were to report on a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool but to tell its viewers and listeners only what the Liverpool players were doing and to count only the goals scored by Liverpool.

The result, of course, is propaganda.

Citizens won’t get information from the BBC which steadfastly denies the evidence and follows the official Gatesian line that the covid-19 jabs are effective and safe when the science clearly shows that they are neither.

The BBC’s ignorance and failure to understand research or science are blatant and embarrassing. Their attempts to fact check expert claims are so poor that I fear that an infant school teacher would be embarrassed if her pupils produced such shoddy work as part of a science project.

The BBC doesn’t have much of a reputation these days but there are, sadly, some who still believe what they hear or see or read from the BBC. And the lives of those people are in danger as a result of this grotesque parody of journalism.

It is up to us to shout ‘stop’ when we have had enough of the wickedness around us. We all have a voice we can use and we all have a duty to make sure that our voice is heard. If we remain silent then we are just a part of the evil which is corrupting and destroying our world.

We have to ignore the sad individuals who scoff or mock – either because they have been bought with a purse of silver or because they are too unintelligent to understand the nature of the war we are fighting. We must spread the truth by talking, writing and sharing it with everyone we know.

We must not allow ourselves to be put off by scorn, derision, undisguised contempt or a lack of support or encouragement from others. Health care workers have to be brave, defy the bullying, the humiliations and the lies. They must speak out to defend their patients against widespread criminal activity in hospitals and care homes.

Look through history and we can all see that imaginative, thoughtful and creative individuals have always had a hard time. Look back and you will find countless examples of citizens who were harassed or persecuted simply because they dared to think for themselves – and tried to share their thoughts with others.

Our world has never welcomed the original, the challenging, the inspirational or the passionate and has always preferred the characterless to the thought provoking.

Today, as always, we share a responsibility to make our world a better place, to share the truth, to defend one another against the bullies, to fight the media lie-spreaders, to promote those platforms which are devoted to honest reporting and to use the truth to help protect our fellow citizens. This is a propaganda war and it is a war we can win.

Direct family, friends and strangers to websites you trust, promote and distribute the `The Light Paper’, print out leaflets and distribute them. If you don’t annoy a few spiritually blinded people then I’m afraid you’re not doing enough.

We are fighting for our freedom and our humanity. There has never been a nobler, more worthwhile cause.

And remember: you are not alone. More and more people are waking up to the truth, and once they awaken they will be with us permanently.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 19th 2021

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