Coronavirus – Protecting the Oil Supplies

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

As I have said many times before I no longer believe the current fake crisis is the result of a cock up. (Though there have certainly been many mistakes made – particularly in Britain where the Government has proved itself astonishingly inept.)

I think the crisis is the result of a power grab – which has worked very effectively.

And it is a power grab which has many facets.

I explained on how the `crisis’ is being used as a tool to control the size of the global population.

But there are other things happening.

The oil, for example.

I have, for many years, argued that the oil is running out and that the nature of the world will, therefore, have to change.

Governments have welcomed and encouraged climate change protestors in order to find an excuse for oil preserving policies which have nothing to do with the fake global warming arguments and everything to do with the knowledge that if we don’t reduce our use of oil there soon won’t be enough of the stuff left to fill a lawnmower – let alone the tank of a presidential limousine.

The coronavirus hoax has, within weeks, enabled governments to do what they could have never hoped to do otherwise for decades.

Millions of people are now going to work at home.

Energy sapping small businesses are being replaced by internet based companies which are far more efficient.

Public transport is being cut back and will be side-lined.

Air travel (for business or pleasure) will soon be so unpleasant and expensive that the only people boarding aeroplanes will be the 20,000 climate change protestors regularly jetting off to their conferences.

Spectator sports are going to become television events and millions of sports fans will stay at home to watch their favourite teams.

And so the depleted oil supplies will last longer.

If you want to know more about the oil shortage – and how it is going to affect our lives - you will find everything I know on the subject in my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change – it’s available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 19th May 2020