Leave Global Warming Protestors Alone

Dr Vernon Coleman

Why do the police bother to unglue silly protestors who fix themselves to the motorways? These unhappy idiots are merely drawing attention to their own ignorance, gullibility and selfishness.

Motorways are roads for vehicles not for people with too much glue. There is a strong argument that we should leave the global warming protestors where they lie and let the police get on with finishing their crosswords.

They would doubtless be a bumpy nuisance for a while, particularly for low-slung sports cars, but after being squashed by a few 12 wheelers they would soon stop being a noticeable hazard to traffic.

The protestors have claimed that they will happily hold up ambulances for their virtue signalling cause. So we need have no concern for their value as human beings.

Instead of bothering with loads of silly injunctions, the Government should simply introduce a new law allowing drivers to run over annoying protestors without penalty.

Copyright November 2021

For the truth about global warming/climate change read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s available as a paperback and an eBook. Like most books (including those written by global warming nutters) both versions are made using fossil fuels.