Help me Prove to the World that Governments Faked a Disease, Faked a Test and Faked a Remedy

Dr Vernon Coleman

In the last four years I have made hundreds of videos, and written hundreds of articles and at least half a dozen books, in which I have proved beyond doubt that there was no pandemic, that the approved test didn’t work and that the `so-called’ remedy wasn’t a remedy and wasn’t safe.

I have frequently challenged the mainstream media and the medical establishment to debate with me.

They won’t debate because they know the facts are on my side – and they’ll lose every argument they try to make. They won’t take the chance because they know I’ve been writing about medical lies and fraud for 50 years. And my track record scares them.

Now we have one last chance to prove to the world that governments faked a disease, faked a test and faked a cure.

In Britain there is an official covid inquiry which is taking evidence from everyone with something to say about the covid fraud.

So far the inquiry has refused to allow me to give evidence. I suspect that everyone who got everything wrong is being interviewed. But they won’t allow me to speak – because they know that right from the start of 2020 I got everything right.

The other day I asked readers to send my latest video to the inquiry.

And hundreds have already done so.

If enough people send the inquiry the video maybe we can force the lawyers to allow me to give evidence – and to prove that they faked a disease, faked a test and faked a cure.

If they refuse to let me speak then the world will know that the inquiry is bent – and its conclusion worthless (and a waste of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money).

Please send the covid enquiry a copy of my video entitled `This is the End’. You can find the video by Clicking Here Send the video to

And ask everyone you know to do the same thing. Please use Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and all those other social media sites I’m not allowed to use.

Alone we are helpless.

Together we can change the world.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2024